Cherry Hill AOS Interview

Old Apr 11th 2001, 12:22 pm
David Kenyon
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I know from my last post that some others are waiting for Cherry Hill AOS interviews,
I had mine today so heres what happened.

Arrived at 12:30 for our 1:00 interview and were seen at approx. 1:30, not a bad

The lady took my fingerprints and had me sign the card which will form my green card
some day. Then we went into her office for the interview which was not taped to my
knowledge even though the letter said it would be. She pulled out this huge file,
which contained everything I had ever sent INS, asked for my passport and medical
results, I gave her the passport and said I had not had the medical done yet, and
asked if I need one since I had one in london for the K1 visa, she checked and said
no (woo hoo, saved $210 by waiting). Next see double checked all my info on the I-485
form and went over a couple of the questions on the second page. Then she started
looking at the affidavit of support sent in with the I-485 (my mother in law had done
this as my wife didn't meet the guidelines at the time) and said it was no good as it
wasn't from my wife, luckly, we had a back-up one that my wife, (who now is over the
poverty guide) had filed out she said it was good. (Thanks John for the tip on the
medical and affidavit of support) Next see asked my wife her mother and father names,
and me my mother and father names, this I thought was strange but it was the only
questions she really asked. Then she asked about my finger prints, which I told her I
had not had done yet as I was on vacation last week when I was supposed to go. She
said that was ok and she would put my file in a special area (hopefully not the
trash) until my finger prints were in, then I would get a letter asking me to go in
and get my passport stamped. She then put a stamp in my passport to show I had been
interviewed and said everything was good and I could go now. I asked weather I would
get the full greencard since it was over 2 years since my marriage ( 2 years and 1
day, close as could be) she said yes! Woo Hoo again. Interview over, no hard
questions really pleasent and easy going unlike I suspected. When over the Ben
Frakling bridge to philly to get my finger prints done and took the 80 mile drive
home with a smile on my face.

I had first recieved my recipt of I-485 on may 17th 1999, so it took just under
two years.

Also the lady said that due to the back log after I am approved it will take 4 to 8
months to get my actual green card.

Thanks to all the people on this board who have helped over the last 2 1/2 years on
and off with my questions.


PS if someone can give me the address of the site where I can post this I will go and
do it. Everyone says post it but no-one says where
Old Apr 11th 2001, 11:05 pm
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Congratulations ... the site is:

Rete and Jim (Can/Am Alumni '98) Update AOS Experiences at:

PS Might have asked about your respective parents names to see if the info on the bio
form was correct.
Old Apr 12th 2001, 1:46 am
Sumedha McAdams
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Congratulations Dave!

Sumedha McAdams

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