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Another London K1 interview success! (Long)

Another London K1 interview success! (Long)

Old Apr 4th 2001, 9:07 am
Andy M
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NB: this has turned out to be rather long, so I've written some conclusions at the
end, which I hope will be of help to people about to go to the interview, these
can be read without reading the rest of my ramblings

After several months of waiting, I finally had my K1 interview/medical in London on
Monday 2 April, and here's how the day went:

I arrived at Dr Phelan's offices at about 7.40, and although there was a queue of
about 10 people there already, we didn't get in until 8am. When you go in they give
you a sheet to read, then you hand in your passport and medical questionnaire, then
you wait... When they did start to call people up there didn't seem to be any
particular pattern to the order, and even the people who turned up late were dealt
with (so there was no need to have been so early, and I could have stayed at the
hotel for breakfast after all!)

The first thing they do is make you sign the consent forms, and pay the fee (£85 for
the blood test and chest x-ray), then more waiting until you get called for the blood
test (for syphilis and HIV), then even more waiting until you get called for the
chest x-ray, then yet even more waiting to be seen by the doctor. The doctor just
looked into my eyes, down my throat, listened to my chest, asked if I had any health
problems, and told me what vaccinations I needed. In all I spent about 3 minutes with
the doctor.

It was after 11am when I left the medical to go the Embassy. There was a queue there
too, but if you have a letter for an immigration interview (that includes K1ers) you
can go straight through. Inside they take your appointment letter, then it's even
more waiting until they call you to take your documents, photos and forms etc, then
it's an even longer wait until you get interviewed by the consular officer.

I was a bit surprised that the interview happens at a counter in the main waiting
area rather than a private office, which did make it a little uncomfortable when
answering personal questions. I was asked how I met my fiancée, how much time we had
spent together in person, what we both did for a living, if either of us had been
engaged before, and what was it that I liked about her.

The officer did ask for evidence of the relationship, and she said she was surprised
I didn't have more emails (I printed off about 12), but she seemed to accept what I
said about the amount of paper I was ending up with, and I did have photos, phone
bills and copies of air-tickets etc. In any case, it wasn't a problem,. as I was
called back a few minutes after the interview (which lasted about five minutes) and
told that, subject to the medical results, I would get the visa.

By that time it was already past 12pm, so I just waited at the embassy, and it was
about 1pm that they made an announcement that all the medical results had come
through, and they would call people up to collect their visas. The I-130 and other
immigrant visa applicants were call up first (there were more I-130 applicants than
K1 applicants, BTW), then finally I was called up and handed my passport with the K1
visa inside and the sealed brown envelope, and told stuff I already new (valid for 6
months, 1 entry, marry within 90 days and apply to adjust status- although they did
say this can take a few months!)

So that was that,. I'd got the visa much earlier in the day than I expected, so I
spent the rest of the day in the Natural History Museum, after waking up my fiancée
by phoning her to tell her the good new of course!


So anyway, here are my conclusions and the advice I'd pass on to people about to go
for the interview:

Don't rush to get to the medical, you won't get in before 8am, and it will be well
after 8 that they get round to seeing you.

Don't worry about what to wear, people were wearing all kinds of stuff, and it didn't
seem to matter.

Be prepared, and make sure you have plenty of evidence, although chances are you
won't need it.

Don't worry, of about 30 people applying for immigrant a K1 visas that day, not a
single one was refused.

Be prepared to wait... You will spend a lot of time sitting waiting to be called up
for various things, but we should be used to that by now. If patience is a virtue,
marriage-based visa applicants (and their petitioners) must be saints!

Old Apr 4th 2001, 9:18 am
BE Enthusiast
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K is an unknown quantity at this point

can i ask a few ????
Did you have to submit your medical records or just your vaccination records?
Where did you stay and was it expensive (if you dont mind me asking im planning ahead)
Also...how long have you and your fiancee been together? im asking because of what you said about the 12 emails. Me and mine have been together going on 3 years.

Any help appreciated...thanks
P.S well done and good luck.
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Old Apr 4th 2001, 9:31 am
Plano, Texas
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You will not need medical records (assuming there isn't a current medical problem or
a chronic condition which you feel they may ask about, if so then maybe some history
would help but with no contraindications then no medical records are needed.) You
will be asked if you have vaccination records - I posted a message in another thread
('Swearing and jabs') about this today.


In our case we'd known each other 3 yrs but 'in a relationship' for 6 months or so.
We had LOTS of emails but I only printed a couple of the personal ones, which
included fiancee family photos and discussions about the marriage, visits etc. I
could have taken reams of paper but thought it would be overkill. As it happened the
officer didnt look at any of them.


You're welcome, good luck.

Old Apr 5th 2001, 3:11 am
BE Enthusiast
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K is an unknown quantity at this point

ok thanks
What about medical records for children do you have to submit those or is it the same thing as for what you told me about submitting them only if there is a chronic problem?

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Old Apr 5th 2001, 7:34 pm
Andy M
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It looks like the medical stuff has been answered already, but as for where I stayed,
it was a hotel in Bayswater called The Kensington Court. It was £40 for a supposedly
en-suite single (the shower was rubbish!), and it was REALLY basic... It's on Princes
Square, and there are lots of hotels around there. It's only a couple of tube stops
away from Marble Arch (the stop for Dr Phelan's), but the main reason I stayed there
is it's the part of London I know best.

As for the emails, my fiancée and I have been together for 15 months, we have a ton
of email I could have taken, but a lot of it is very personal (is you see what I mean
relationship is that my fiancée is older than me, it was mentioned at the interview,
but ultimately it wasn't a problem.



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