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rasen78 Sep 26th 2012 7:40 am

We're Here!
So, I thought I would do an update, as I am sitting down for a few minutes:ohmy:

We have been here 4 weeks already...not sure where the time has gone:blink:

This is just a brief update as I will update my blog soon with more details. Waiting for my laptop so I can transfer the photos from the camera.

Anyhoo, so, it has been a busy 4 weeks. We initially stayed in a long term holiday let, all bills included etc. Our first hire car was a bit of a disaster as it developed a terrible shuffer at any speed over 50km, but the hire car changed it without a problem. L and I were poorly when we arrived so our first appointment was with a doctor the day after we landed. We were registered with Medicare in less than 24 hrs:ohmy:

We bought our 2 cars the first week as ROMFT started work the Monday after we arrived so we had to get other transport. The only saving grace about the price of 2nd hand cars is that :fingerscrossed: when we come to sell one of them, there should be some resell value. And the mechanic who performed the services on them both said we had good cars. ROMFT's Commodore is the cleanest he had seen in years.

So, ROMFT started work and it turned to me to keep the brats, ahem sorry, little darlings, entertained. Unfortunately, many of our days involved going round doing bits of shopping and other boring things, but we have also been swimming, to the beach, to a couple of wildlife sanctuaries, been to the zoo and we have met up a couple of times with a group of other mums.

S & L have had a swimming assessment and are now booked in for swimming lessons starting next term.

We have now moved into a proper rental. We were very lucky to find one on our 2nd week here, and moved in this past weekend. It's in the Hills, overlooking a golf course and is just 1.5km from the school which they will be starting next term. They will also be joining the local Cubs and Joeys. Just trying to find a local soccer club and cricket club that will take S. As it's not the soccer season, we may have to wait till next year.

In hindsight, we should have got S & L into school a little earlier. But we didn't think we would get a rental as quickly as we did. I can't wait for them to start:lol: They've been off school for 10 weeks:blink:

We have signed up to Foxtel, but not sure if we'll keep it as not really impressed with the programmes, and Foxtel do not seem to show the free channels which means we can't record Dr Who:frown: Need to get the hang of downloading and stuff.

So, my impressions so far? Well, TBH, neither ROMFT nor I were expecting our lives to suddenly become fantastic. We had a good life in the UK, and our only hope is that it continues to be so. The signs so far are good. I'm looking forward to starting the proper routine that comes with school, then I can spend some time exploring the locality and seeing what is to offer at weekends and holidays etc. We are hoping at some point to go camping on Kangaroo Island. I absolutely love the scenery around the Adelaide Hills and feel much more comfortable here than I did nearer the beach, where we were initially.

Also looking forward to getting our stuff from the container - got about another 7 weeks to go we think.

I'm not particularly frustrated by anything here. It is a different country so experiences will be different and that is one of the reasons we came here. We have laughed about most things that some would be annoyed about. I have experienced some brilliant customer service, and just one instance of appalling service, which garnered quite a terse response from me;)

Am spending the next few weeks determining which method of shopping will be best for us. Whole shop at supermarket, or main shop then use local grocers/butchers etc. Still can't get used to the checkout operators packing for you though. One lady asked if I wanted her job as I just got on and packed my bag:rofl:

This weekend is a bank holiday and I think we may be going to the zoo and I may be feeling a visit to the chocolate factory may be on the cards:rofl:

Pollyana Sep 28th 2012 5:46 pm

Re: We're Here!
So glad its all going well for you :thumbup: Sounds like you're settling in well - bet you can't wait to get the kids into school though :D

Betty Boot Sep 28th 2012 9:36 pm

Re: We're Here!
Thanks for the update - good to know it's not all hard work at the other end!:)

ROMFT_WO2RN Sep 30th 2012 2:38 am

Re: We're Here!
3 Attachment(s)
A couple of photos of an encounter with a wild koala at Warrawong sanctuary. The second picture is slightly out of focus, but you can see L's coat at the side. The koala passed about 2-3 feet behind her:thumbsup:

ROMFT_WO2RN Sep 30th 2012 2:46 am

Re: We're Here!
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Here's a film I managed to take. Turn your volume up if you have never heard a koala before :D

Oh yes, and this is Rasen again:lol:

shackybracky Sep 30th 2012 9:23 am

Re: We're Here!

Originally Posted by rasen78 (Post 10300242)
We are hoping at some point to go camping on Kangaroo Island.

We camped on kangaroo island for a couple of nights as part of our travels 5 years ago. We stayed at American river, beautiful!! We were able to pitch right next to the water with nothing but the birds for company. There was a toilet block and not much else. There was also an honesty box to put your money in for staying there. I can't remember how much it was, only that it was very cheap.

There's a place on Kangaroo island well worth a visit called Paul's Place, or at least there was 5 years ago. Brilliant animal interaction experience. If it's still there and ya go, get there early because there was a big queue and not everybody could get in on the first tour so some had to wait for a couple of hours.

Glad it's all going well for you so far. We fly out to Perth in 6 weeks!! Can't wait!!

carolinephillips Sep 30th 2012 9:27 am

Re: We're Here!
Nice update!:thumbsup:

Alfresco Sep 30th 2012 12:01 pm

Re: We're Here!
Nice update. Glad you're not on the next plane home yet! :thumbup:

Jen1977ni Oct 1st 2012 2:32 am

Re: We're Here!

rasen78 Oct 12th 2012 5:26 am

Re: We're Here!

Originally Posted by Jen1977ni (Post 10307602)

Thanks Jenni:D

Irish Guinness Oct 12th 2012 7:25 am

Re: We're Here!
Welcome to Adelaide,we used to live in the Adelaide Hills,lovely spot.
have you been to Stirling yet? Pretty village in the hills :thumbsup:

rasen78 Oct 12th 2012 7:29 am

Re: We're Here!

Originally Posted by Irish Guinness (Post 10326806)
Welcome to Adelaide,we used to live in the Adelaide Hills,lovely spot.
have you been to Stirling yet? Pretty village in the hills :thumbsup:

Stirling is my dream:thumbup: Unfortunately, too expensive and too far for ROMFTs commute, but I can still hope;)

Mummy3 Oct 15th 2012 1:40 am

Re: We're Here!
Great update thanks, been reading your posts for a while and great to hear positive thoughts. Best of luck.

paddyo Oct 16th 2012 12:15 am

Re: We're Here!
He'll find something to drip about...give him time!!

rasen78 Oct 16th 2012 10:20 am

Re: We're Here!

Originally Posted by paddyo (Post 10332779)
He'll find something to drip about...give him time!!

Price of beer:rofl:

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