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TakenThePlunge Sep 2nd 2017 5:20 am

7.5 years
Well I've been here 7 1/2 years today (well 2 weeks ago actually but close enough)

It's been a real rollercoaster of a ride during that time

So a short recap...

We came over in February 2010

Got a job in May 2010 in Sydney and still there, now one of the longest serving employees :-)

Daughter left and went back to the UK in 2012, a real low point for us, one where we nearly went back.

2013 Granddaughter born in the UK to youngest daughter - the pull to go back was overwhelming, but seeing as she really wasn't on best terms with us we stayed.

2014 Find out that the son in law is battering my daughter, fly back to the UK and interfere all over the place to not much use.

2015 Other daughter has grandson, more flights back to the UK :-)

Youngest daughter finally leaves dipstick and applies for child visa - dipstick refuses permission and 2 years of lawyer hell starts.

2016 - We buy a house because we're a) stupid, b) want to have a mortgage till I'm 80 and c) need the room because we hope daughter will be here imminently.

2017 - My oldest daughter has cervical cancer - drop everything fly to the UK again, we still don't know if she's beaten it, she's had major surgery, chemo radiotherapy. She is out of treatment now but no results till October.

May 2017 - Court order granting full custody to my daughter and permission to leave country, visa is granted within days

August 2017 - she's finally here daughter and 4 year old grandaughter wrecking ball in tow, they've settled in and I think I need a bigger house :-)

So there you have it. despite flying back 9 (yes 9 times, count them) in the last 7 years and more long distance tear jerking calls than I can count, we are still here. I think I can probably say we've decided to stay ;)

wafc Sep 4th 2017 2:31 pm

Re: 7.5 years
Great update.

You've certainly had it rough by the sounds of it! If you can settle in Oz after all that then you've certainly made it work! :thumbup:

ozzieeagle Oct 2nd 2017 4:44 am

Re: 7.5 years
Not sure when you'll be ready to retire, but you've got one hell of an investment in that house of yours. Cash in and move to a country town @ circa 67, you dont need to worry about paying the mortgage off totally, Do some dream building and look at some of the Country towns around..... Kyogle looks good ;) Buy a place there on retirement and you'll have a million or more in the bank.

Good luck with the future, in 15 years time, you'll realise all the fruits of your labours.

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