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2 years on the Gold coast

2 years on the Gold coast

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Default 2 years on the Gold coast

Update of our experiences since arriving 2 years ago, living on the gold coast

There have been ups and downs, were still here and have no intention of leaving this is not a negative post trying to put people off just informing of what has happened since arriving.

When we first arrived moved to party central location (wasnt aware at the time) location wise fantastic!!! Perfect beach strolls hardly ever needed transport walk everywhere nice resturants if willing to pay (so after many disappointing meals out came to the conclusion you have to pay alot for a good meal, the 2 memorable times bill was $300+ for 2 which i think is very expensive, i use to enjoy my 2 for 10 meals in the uk ) but sadly as i said was party central very noisy neighbours at all hours as they were holidays lets, body corporate horrible always blaming us for noise were in bed by 8pm!! Didn't matter what we said it was our fault, tried being friendly inviting to bbq etc they even inspected apartment for stereo equipment as music too loud, they found nothing and even when the NB put music on with them inside my apartment they pretended not to hear it!
Moved to new rental away from coast, expected it to be hard to get as read posts re this. Simply viewed house (dated but ok) put in application got approved moved in week later.

Too easy? House was infested! Cockroaches fleas mice ants you name it took fighting to get agency to contact owner they kept saying i need to man up I'm in oz now, lease was 6 months so contacted RTA finally owners had pest people out. I realise rushed into this rental as desperate to get out of other place but house was falling apart, front door didn't work windows had gaps so couldn't stop mozzies snacking on us. It was also in the middle of nowhere, there was no buses no footpaths!! (I do alot of walking and was adjustment to notice lack of footpaths) not a nice area alot of armed robberies no friendly people i gave up saying good morning to people as got ignored or strange looks. Again after research was pre warned that you don't get bond (deposit) back so we accepted this but after living in hell for 6 months paying off their mortgage i was adamant i would get bond back, of course they came up with many reasons for deductions from bond, none of them true we had proof we had to get RTA involved again agency even threatened taking me to court i said ok then complete u turn gave 100% back after about 8 weeks.

Brought a house, such a nice feeling a place to finally call home! Sadly due to price range it has body corporate, got on brilliantly to start then as if bored picked on everything we did from parking car wrong to speeding (when i wasn't!) as i owned house i felt i had a right to stick up for myself so asked to speak with them. I was very pleasant they turned angry shouting at me so calmly asked for complaints procedure and informed them i would be reporting there behaviour and walked off. Never had any issues after this (never did report them).

As for location WOW!!!!! So many footpaths dog parks amazing kiddy parks so much free things (water area for kids, poop bags for dogs) there is nothing like it in the UK, i still keep asking where to pay when i arrive at places as cant believe its free!! Kangaroos on doorstep theme parks galore kids never been happier.

And the best bit it took a year but i finally found friendly people! My first day walking my new neighbourhood i must have had 30 people say hello!
Hubby found work straight away loves it, sadly i haven't cant even get to interview stage. There are jobs advertised exactly what i was doing in the UK but doesn't matter what i do i don't hear anything.(Tried turning up at company calling company following up if i don't hear anything even offered volunteering).

I have been told unskilled migrants cv's get put to bottom of pile don't know how true that is but i am not lazy i actively have been seeking work i don't expect it to come to me. (I am only available certain hours maybe this is major factor but will continue until i get work).

So to sum up worse experience is driving conditions. I read other posts on here and I'm sure people will dispute it but it is shocking some people actually have licences. I am a sensible driver, by no means perfect 100% of times, i recently got pulled over for speeding (was doing 74 in 60, i thought it was 70 as ran along M1 which is 110 and no houses or businesses near just wasteland) anyway never been pulled over in my life cried for a day. The nicest word i can call them is idiots, they drive as close as possible to you expect you to get out of there way there is always an accident around us some times multiple a day, for those that disagree your either one of them or play too much need for speed! I honestly can not understand anyone who thinks the standard of driving here is safe i dread the day my kids want to learn.

And ... saving the best for last the LIFESTYLE
Its an amazing country fantastic weather majority of the time the council is fantastic. The up and coming areas are too good to be true you can see where the money is being spent. I found this beautiful walk and it was picture perfect i was deliberately trying to find a fault with it so said to hubby shame there are no benches..... A month later they have put in benches and a toilet block! It is like waking up in a dream blue sky's beautiful scenic walk friendly people no graffiti or rubbish simply amazing
There are bad areas in between this piece of heaven and not very friendly people, sadly the majority of our friends are expats we did not plan this i even made a point of avoiding this and I'm sure your out there somewhere but yet to come across friendly Aussies. I guess expats are like minded and understand what your going through.

We deliberately chose not to go to an expat area as wanted to become Aussie and have all Aussie friends and neighbours but for whatever reason it didn't work out that way.

So any advise i can offer is maybe move to an expat area 1st make some friends, i was given this advise i ignored it if i could do it again i would def listen!

And I'm not giving up on you Aussies if anyone asks me i say my kids are australian (one was born here) it is a wonderful country and i am honoured you let us come and cant wait for the day i become a citizen .....and Aussies rule!
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Default Re: 2 years on the Gold coast

Hi. Where are you guys living on the coast?
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