How many states?

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Originally Posted by koogar View Post
At least sheep get out of the way and don't meander along all day at 25mph pointing at mountains

I understand that the Rockies are pretty, but if you want to look at them and make the obligatory ooh and ahh noises, park the damn camper!!! Don't just slow down to 20mph so you can look at them for longer.

(none of this is aimed at you, by the way, Raquelle. . Just a pet peeve of mine )

This is why I got peeved.
A little story:-
I was driving me truck from Vancouver to Calgary this summer just gone. Now, it's 603 miles (ish) from Vancouver to Calgary, or around 12 hours in a truck, depending how brave/stupid you're feeling. From Vancouver to Kamloops, it's all divided highway/dual carriageway (call it what you will), so passing slower traffic is no problem. However, after you get a few miles East of Kamloops on TCH1, it's mostly (not all, mostly) 2 lane, i.e. 1 lane each way. There are however passing lanes every now and then to allow you to pass slower traffic (most of them are on uphill sections, which is a real pain if you're driving a truck, but there ya go). Anyway, I'm following said RV, who is driving around 70kph (most of it's a 90 or 100kph limit) so him and his family can get a better look at the mountains/trees/sparrows/whatever. Now, I understand this and I also understand that 90/100kph is the maximum speed limit and not the required speed. I'm not the kind of trucker who tries to bully people into going faster just because I'm bigger/heavier than they are (the truck, not me). So I keep my distance and wait for a passing lane. So, we get to a passing lane and I start to pass, only for the gentleman in the RV to accelerate in order to stop me. As you can imagine, I wasn't best pleased. Anyway, benefit of the doubt, maybe he didn't realise what he's done, so I wait for the next passing lane, only for him to do exactly the same thing. Now I'm P***ed!! The guy does this all the way to Golden, where he stops. Now, I'm not normally an aggressive person without extreme provocation, but on this occasion I feel the need to point out the error of his ways, so I stop behind him and get out for a friendly chat . I ask the gentleman why he felt the need to do what he'd been doing and he informed me that his reason for this was, and I quote "I didn't want you to get infront of me and spoil my view".
I decided this was a good time to leave as I could feel myself becoming decidedly tetchy.
Hi Koog,

I understand your pain!!! Im sure I would be the same if I were a trucker and not a sheep It must be the same as being over here with all the caravans doing 10 miles an hour! So you did well just walking away cos im sure I wouldn't have! Anyway, shouldn't you be doing the dishes or making the beds?
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Default Re: How many states?

1 state in the US (just to get my licence havent bothered using it yet). All of the UK, all of Europe incl Scandinavia Turkey, Greece, Russia and Morocco.
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