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tracyandneil Oct 5th 2017 12:58 pm

Year 2 UK to 1st grade USA- preparation?

We are currently going full steam ahead with the E2 visa route (!) for a new start up business and are hoping to submit all the paperwork in Jan/Feb 2018 subject to successful sale of our house to free up some money.

Our 6 year old is currently in Year 2 in the Uk and would be joining 1st grade once we move. From experience is there anything we can do to prepare her? We have had a tour of the school while we were over there and the Principle indicated that our daughter might be ahead of her peers for a bit when we first arrive.

Any advice is much appreciated.

OldJuddian Oct 5th 2017 2:49 pm

Re: Year 2 UK to 1st grade USA- preparation?
My son joined 1st grade and fitted right in. In most subjects he was ahead. First spelling test he wrote "Mum" which is typical of the kind of small issues that come up.

More important is ensuring that you have all the vaccinations needed, including proof of chickenpox if applicable. My son needed a lot of injections before starting school in SoCal.

Brandy07 Oct 5th 2017 3:32 pm

Re: Year 2 UK to 1st grade USA- preparation?
We moved over in August and my daughter is in grade 1 (would have gone into year 2 had we still been in England).
I expressed my concerns with the school and her current teacher about the level she’s at and wanting to make sure that she’s challenged enough. We looked at public and private schools and we went a private school as we felt that they were better equipped to challenge her. There’s a big mix of ability levels in her grade as some children have been at the school for a couple of years and did full time last year, whereas others have joined this year and they only did a year of half days last year. There are other children in her class at the same level and I’m happy that the teacher is challenging her. We have our parent teacher conference tonight so it’s something we’ll be discussing in more detail.
I would check that the school is able to challenge your child and make sure your having regular conversations to make sure it’s happening. I have a son that went into grade 4 and some of the things he finds easy but other things are at his level.

Marc_ely Oct 6th 2017 5:07 pm

Re: Year 2 UK to 1st grade USA- preparation?
We had one the same age when we came over. He was way ahead of the locals for a year.
Don't worry as it will allow here more time to acclimatize or acclimate as they will call it here :-)

kins Oct 7th 2017 10:47 pm

Re: Year 2 UK to 1st grade USA- preparation?
I moved my oldest daughter over at that age. She was challenged plenty in her first few years at school, in terms of academics.

The cultural stuff took a while to get used to - she was made fun of for having a funny accent, for not knowing that you can't wear a Yankees hat in Maine, that sort of thing. It was mostly OK but there was a little bullying.

It was actually when she got to late middle school that they really failed to challenge her and she switched schools.

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