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alexc1 Feb 21st 2007 9:03 pm

Teaching in Canada??

Hi this is my first post so please bear with me. My Husband is a Qualified English teacher 5+ yrs experience with First class degree and I am NNEB ( Nursery Nurse) 13++yrs experience. What would he need to do in order to be able to teach in Canada? Does it vary from state to state? and what is the chance of getting work? It all seems very confusing. We've done the skilled workers test and pass.

Any help would be very much appreciated- Thankyou.

snoopster Apr 11th 2007 4:48 pm

Re: Teaching in Canada??
Things are looking up for those of us wanting to teach in Canada. They have an aging teaching staff and there is anticipated to be a great need for teachers in the next few years.
In order to teach, you need to be registered with the province in which you intend to live. You MUST be a landed immigrant to register as a teacher, and they are very picky about the qualifications you have.
They like a 4 year teaching degree if possible, will consider a PGCE but not a GTP trained student. Even if you have one of their preferred qualifications, you will need to complete extra semesters of study with a canadian university before you can teach.
Most teachers new to Canada, once registered, will 'sub' or supply teach for a couple of years. Full time permanent posts are hard to obtain until you have done this and done some networking with schools first. The school board do all the hiring and firing, not like here in the UK where individual schools hire their staff. There is plenty of sub work as I understand it so that is a good thing.
Alberta is one province which will allow you to get your credentials assessed before you live there. You have to pay for this to be done (and it's not cheap!) which is a bit painful when you know you won't get accepted as you aren't a permanent resident. Google 'Alberta learning' and you should find more details. However, you will probably be able to find out what extra credentials you need, and might be able to do some distance learning courses before you 'land'.
Hope this helps:thumbsup:

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