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Originally Posted by ollydt View Post

Good luck with everything firstly as it can be a rather long, hoop jumping process.

I teach secondary in a private school in Melbourne so it's difficult to give advice to primary. However, I do think you have the right idea and way forward at the moment.

In terms of easier state I don't think there is one. The Victoria teaching people required a fair bit of info but this just recognizes me as a teacher not a conversion of skills which (I was on a spouse visa so did not have to go through so much of the skills process).

If you want a risky piece of advice have your wife apply for jobs in private schools when they come up. A good friend of ours did this and they sponsored her on a four year working visa and have now paid for both her PR and her husbands. I bet this is the exception not the rule but it may give you an opportunity to get here and apply onshore. They had a one year working visa to get going and from there it's been lucky for them.

In terms of where to locate you have to make that decision, if you have not been to Oz then I would recommend a visit, if you have pick your favourite place and get amongst it. We love Melbourne but everyone here will say same about their little town.

Getting qualifications recognized will really be a process that depends on which route you take and it may be worth you speaking with an agent. Give yourself 2 years planning minimum if you take the skilled route I would say and in that time the wife will have all the experience she needs.

If I think of anything else I will pop back, on train to work so it will be a search of my files that will give some better answers.

Hi Olly, thanks for the helpful post.

By the sounds of things we will be hoop-jumping experts by the time we're done with this!

Similar to yourself, my wife will be on a spouse visa (mine) so does that mean she will escape some of the skills conversion stuff & just have to get recognised as a teacher? Will her relative lack of experience be a problem when seeking work, even if its subbing?

Your piece of advice doesn't sound at all risky. If my wife could get sponsorship, it would more than halve the problems I have to go through for my electrical license. It would save us a fortune too. The real risk facing us (as I see it) is landing in Oz after spending beyond our life savings, and one or both of us struggles to find regular work. A Working Holiday Visa isn't an option for me because I'm 31 years old.

I've never been to Oz but my wife lived in Sydney for 2.5 years back 10 years ago. She did a fair bit of travelling (apart from WA) and from what she tells me and from what I've read, we would both love to settle in Melbourne long-term. We seem a long way from that at this stage and I've a feeling we'll have to settle in a town we've never heard of for the first year until I get my full elec license. I think we might have to focus on finding a location that I can get regular work for a year and my wife can teach 4 to 5 days per week within an hour's drive of where we live. As you say, eventually we'll have to just pick a place and 'get amongst it', my new phrase!

Thanks a lot for your help.
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