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Shard Nov 28th 2019 10:32 pm

Re: Jo Swinson !

Originally Posted by GeniB (Post 12771117)
I agree with that of course... but its what the public think that will count. Saying she won't entertain any kind of coalition... even if it would keep the Tories out of office ..seemed to me to be the move of a rather naive person. Yes she is full of vim and vigour and strong beliefs. but thats never enough.In the real world you usually have to compromise. The Lib/Dems made a mess of it the last time. but they should have learned from that .

Well they've all got their poker faces on right now. Jezza is saying he won't permit the SNP to have a IndyRef for at least two years, contrary to Nicola's stipulation that the SNP are given the power to decide. Once the votes are cast, the truth will come out.

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