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BristolUK Nov 20th 2019 1:36 am

Re: Commonwealth v EU
So much for the olive branch approach. :rofl:

BEVS Nov 20th 2019 2:10 am

Re: Commonwealth v EU

Originally Posted by BristolUK
I think Elgin may have returned.

Originally Posted by namsbabe (Post 12766280)
I dunno what your issue is - but you're equating me with some random person named "Elgin"

This is what can happen when someone just busts into a room and a conversation without first maybe introducing themselves a little to others already there. Letting folks get to know them and vice versa. One wouldn't just rock up to a group in a pub and start giving it a bit of welly without seeing some askance and it is the same really for here.

FWIW I've done a bit of 'nosing' and this may be a case of mistaken identity. The poster may hold Elgin's views and maybe post similar to Elgin . May have joined the same time back in 2012 but from what I can see the similarities end there.

Time for the benefit of the doubt. Lets welcome namsbabe and see what she is made of.

Bipat Nov 20th 2019 8:38 am

Re: Commonwealth v EU

Originally Posted by namsbabe (Post 12766229)
The Commonwealth is just a goodwill organisation of ex-British colonies and one country that was never British but thought it looked good and asked to join (Mozambique).
It has never been a free-trade organisation. The only trading between them (or us) is cultural exchange, or student scholarships.
I doubt the bigger or smaller Commonwealth economies have a great clamour for a free-trade deal. I've never heard Modi nor Trudeau, or even the PM or President of Malta, call for this. And it's had decades to be a bona fide trading body, and hasn't taken that route. Most members have continental trading bodies anyhow - we have (technically since we haven't left yet) the EU. Canada has the new deal with the USA and Mexico that Trump struck. And India has many bilateral ties. Sinapore has ASEAN, and Australia has close economic ties with the Far East.
Nigeria and Ghana are prominent members of ECOWAS in West Africa.

This is a bit of a pipedream from Brexiteers, since they'ver never understood what the point of the Commonwealth was.
If anything, and rather ironically, it was Britain joining the EU under Ted Heath that killed the concept of trading Commonwealth. I know Australia and New Zealand were pissed off mightily about how their trading arrangements would get ****ed up from it.

You are both correct and incorrect. Yes it is a "good will organisation" but that has much of what is valuable within EU relationships. Education, scholarships, exchange of expertise, sport and TRADE.
It is the individual countries that trade.

India the largest has close relationship with the UK and FTD has been discussed since the referendum -----It is the finance Minister you need to listen to not the PM!!!
Read the other thread regarding the major investment and job creation in the UK.
Merkel only this month was in India trying to get FTD negotiations re-started as well as signing another trade deal.

Yes you are right, joining the EEC messed up the then trading relationships between Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK.

el collado kid Nov 20th 2019 8:45 am

Re: Commonwealth v EU
Can i please join in the room.As i don't' want to upset anyone:sneaky:

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