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Alexis1962 Dec 31st 2015 4:30 pm

What do you think about Mojacer
Hope I have spelt it right. Can I find out what expats views are on this place. Thanks

Just trying to get more ideas of places to visit before we Rent then perhaps buy.


The Capitans Wench Dec 31st 2015 5:00 pm

Re: What do you think about Mojacer
Mojacar ? too much on a hill for me but liked my visit would go again. Sorry that's about I can tell you. I think there are quite a few expats in and around the area.

Leper Jan 1st 2016 9:39 am

Re: What do you think about Mojacer
I live in Mojacar Playa on and off during the year. I love the place and always love the place more when our children and their children come to visit.

1. The near hinterland is hilly and even one of the local hills is known as Cardiac Hill for obvious reasons. But, there are miles and miles of promenade by the beaches where you can walk for miles and miles on the level. Last August from one point I counted 143 buggies being pushed along the promenade between 10pm and midnight (the Spaniards bring their children out to play at night because of the day sunshine).

2. There are free childrens play areas along the promenade.

3. Eating out is inexpensive and you have plenty of choice of Spanish, French, Italian, South American, Asian cuisine. There are some Brit places too which are good but no McDonalds (Thank You God!).

4. Expats seem to have the best of both worlds there. Rentals are cheaper, purchase is also cheaper.

5. The local bus service is good and cheap.

6. Mojacar Pueblo is 1.5 miles distant where you can walk or preferably visit by bus and walk its cobbled, flower decorated streets and because it is a white Spanish town perched on top of a small mountain you can enjoy views like you only dreamed of.

7. The local mayor banned the huge sound noise coming from bars/restaurants about 3 years ago and now Mojacar is not as loud as it once was. The night clubs are outside or on the periphery of the resort. It has become a Spanish Family Holiday Location.

8. English is spoken throughout.

9. You have a choice of several beaches over a 3 miles stretch.

10. Last and not least Mojacar Playa is low rise except for two hotels three miles distant from each other at either end of the resort.

But, like I said in my earlier post (above) what suits me, might not suit you.

Elle1971 Jan 1st 2016 10:33 am

Re: What do you think about Mojacer
Mojacar is a little too touristy and British for my tastes (been there done that) but that may be just what you're looking for because that then goes hand in hand with extra stuff you wouldn't get inland such as transport links, wider range of cuisines and a decent infrastructure.
It's certainly a beautiful place. I love the pueblo but the prom is gorgeous too. They're doing some work at the Garrucha end currently which will look great once complete.
It is more expensive to live there than it is here inland... but still cheaper than much of the UK.
I love to visit regularly but prefer living inland away from the glitz and glamour and the other Brits. Would make a great stepping stone from Blighty to ease you into Spain though. x

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