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P2fsolutions Nov 14th 2021 10:21 am

Visa requirements or work permit Help needed.
Hi like many others through the pandemic I have chosen to do something I have all ways wanted to do finally taking the plunge In starting my own company.

A UK Ltd company that for 6/9months of the year will be providing off road tours through spain. I have read many different online papers regarding different visa.

Is there any one here that has any experience or could point me in the right direction for a suitable visa or work permit at this point In time I am not looking to be a resident unless this option would be easier.

I am also looking for someone who could assist me in this if you have any recommendations.

Thanks For your time

EuroTrash Nov 14th 2021 12:37 pm

Re: Visa requirements or work permit Help needed.
Just to be clear, Are you saying that you yourself want to spend 6+ months of the year in Spain, providing services in person as an employee / director of your UK company?

Or are you planning to remain in the UK most of the time and employ other people to work in Spain / subcontract to Spanish companies to provide the services?

Chipmonk Nov 14th 2021 1:32 pm

Re: Visa requirements or work permit Help needed.
I suppose we have bits of information relating to people applying for a nd getting the NLV but I haven't heard anyone( UK nat) saying they have been granted a Visa allowing work. Other 3rd country persons who have been successful seem to indicate that the process requires quite well researched business plan with income projections etc. I should imagine that something you are suggesting would need to be relatively large scale with serious start up injections. If it is just a speculative idea that sounds like a way of making a modest living I doubt they will accept that. Have you already researched the idea? Can you demonstrate a market? Do you speak Spanish? If you are unable to communicate in Spanish again its doubtful they would take you seriously at this stage. Anyway I'm sure someone will be able to add more information soon

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