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UK Couple Retiring In Spain

UK Couple Retiring In Spain

Old Aug 26th 2021, 2:13 pm
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Default Re: UK Couple Retiring In Spain

Originally Posted by Barriej View Post
But not if you are in your late 60's and have little or no language skills.

There are people living near us who retired at 65 and some 15 years later still cannot say much more than Hola and ask for a beer.

Younger people with the ability and desire to learn are one thing. Those who just want to retire to the sunshine and continue every other part of their lives as if they were in the village in Surrey are another.
And if thats what they want, then thats fine, who are we to judge?

And if Im being honest, Ive not exactly pushed myself to learn the language, in our area a good number of people speak lots of languages but English appears to have become the common denominator.

For example we were in the Dragonet office last week (Internet provider) to ask about a new deal. Id worked out what to say and the expected answer in Spanish and was confident I could make myself understood.
Got no more than three words in and the lady started speaking to me in English (she is German) and she said that they prefer English in the office as there is Spanish, German and Swedish staff so the common language is English (I asked why not Spanish) and was told its easier and they all want to be better at speaking it.

Anyway all this is getting away from the OP's question.

If your family REALLY wants to come to Spain and its something they have been dreaming about, spending all their holidays here etc, then, as long as the financial side is taken care of then there should be no reason why not.
Having or not having a driving licence only changes where you will live.
And again I can't see why people would want to swap a nice modern home in the Uk for a house in the campo with a septic tank, maybe not electric or water as an upgrade. Yes it has land, but did you think about how you were going to look after it in 20 years time?

As posted before, there are many reasons to NOT come here and if they are considering any of them, then are they sure than Spain is actually where they want to be? Or is it that they just don't want to be OAP's in the UK?

And if it is the place you want to be, then why would you consider another EU country just because its rules are less strict, the financial consideration is lower?
You still wont be happy sitting in your villa in Croatia wishing you were in Spain...even though it cost less to go there.

It’s not only about learning the language it is the stressful situation of passing a driving test AT THE SAME TIME. I have been driving for 60 years and have picked up all the bad faults over that time; I still drive in excess of 35,000 Kms every year. I spent 7 years learning Spanish with a one on one profesora and I wouldn’t like to try to understand a command in Spanish and carry it out while driving safely in a test situation.

Most people want a “bigger better house” and as they stopped making land a long time ago, to get a plot of 1,000 sq. metres or more seems wonderful. Add in a pool and maybe a bar and a lot of people would jump at the chance – can I suggest that most people don’t think about old age and its problems when buying their first house abroad.

I have recently read an article suggesting that English speaking people are now considering countries further away that speak more English rather than go to nearby Europe and have to learn a new language.

So, to sum up, I believe the demographics of Spain will change with more holiday home owners than English speaking residents and there will be more ex-pat enclaves in different countries
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