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jenny Jan 21st 2005 12:11 pm

two young pals looking to live and work in Madrid.

Has anyone got any advise on living and working in Madrid. Myself and a pal are looking to move to Madrid this June, we have friends who are already living there. They went over with a smattering of Spanish, but soon picked up the language which opened up more job oportunitities. We know that the rent is relatively cheap and the lifestyle too. The only thing that is worrying me is that i have a very basic grasp of the language and i would like to know what kinds of jobs are available to me. Is there any point in doing one of those weekend tefl courses, is there a demand for English teachers? I do intend on taking Spanish classes over there. Im a qualified beautician and masseuse and my mate is a fitness instructor. I've loads of office eperience and would turn my hand to anything just to earn a crust!!

If there is anyone out there with some useful advise on the jobs, the rate of pay, and the general cost of living please let me know. Also is there any Brit/Irish people living in Madrid right now that could offer some advice to us.

Thanks a million


5thbeatle Jan 21st 2005 1:20 pm

Re: two young pals looking to live and work in Madrid.

Madrid is a fantastic place to work and live although I wouldn't agree that rent is cheap, especially near the centre.
I have done the 3 day tefl introductory course here in Liverpool and also a 5 day Intermediate Spanish course at Don Qioute(?) in madrid as I am looking to gain employment in I.T. / teaching. Even without recognised teaching qualifications (tefl/tesol) there does seem to be teaching work although you would be limited compared to someone who has diplomas...etc and also the rate of pay will be lower (maybe €12 an hour) but some agencies will employ you if your mother tongue is english, have a decent grasp of grammar and (not being sexist but this is Spain) look good!. I have included a few links to decent websites where they give advice and advertise for teachers. Best of luck and let everyone on here know how you get on.

jenny Jan 21st 2005 2:43 pm

Re: two young pals looking to live and work in Madrid.
Hi Beatle guy,

Thanks for the info its just as i expected with the weekend course, there is always going to be someone more qualified. The fact that my first language is English will be an advantage to me. Do you know if there are many Brit/Irish people living in Madrid doing the same? Are you going over yourself?

I have been thinking of jobs as English speaking tour guides or nannies aswell! We arent afraid of hard work in order to settle in. Also waitressing could be another option. You have to start somewhere! And looking good is second nature to us.

Ive done my Spanish course in Cervantes, and they are very good i must say.

I'd like to hear from someone who is in Madrid now, or is planning on going in the near future.

Thanking you


Nige Jan 21st 2005 7:47 pm

Re: two young pals looking to live and work in Madrid.
Hello Jenny. I would definitely sign into the Multimadrid web site and look at all the Forums. You will find that many of its' members are young teachers. They are always helpful and can answer specific questions. The webmaster : Jeremy Reines - is fantastic. He monitors the forum and always helps. You can do a specific search for anything as well. Well worth going through and meeting people already in Madrid. Buena suerte !

jenny Feb 2nd 2005 5:16 pm

Re: two young pals looking to live and work in Madrid.

Originally Posted by Marclewis

I am writing to you from a TV production company called Ricochet. We are currently producing the fifth series of No Going Back and I am looking for people who are selling up in the Uk and moving abroad to start a new business venture. I would love to hear from anyone who is doing something along these lines. Please contact me on [email protected]

Sorry i dont know if i could be interested in that im more concerned with getting a job first and its proving rather difficults

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