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er2 Apr 8th 2003 12:44 pm

Travelling from Spain to Portugal
I am travelling from Spain to Portugal in May 2003. On 19 May 2003 I need to travel from Lisbon to Evora. On 21 May 2003 I want to travel from Evora to Merida. On 23 May 2003 I want to travel from Merida to Madrid.

I can't find any sensible information on buses or trains that travel these routes. It alsmost seems like Spain and Portugal are not part of the same peninsula. Can anyone help?

Nige Apr 12th 2003 7:55 am

It is sometimes difficult to immediately retrieve information. However the route you mention is very well trodden. There will be a selection of bus companies looking for your money.
For example EVA :


Do a search on and put in words like LISBOA and EVORA etc.

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