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caroline c Aug 10th 2003 11:19 am

transporting cats to spain from the uk
Does anyone have any info. on the best way to transport two cats from the UK to Spain. Any advise on costs etc. Thanks. Caroline C.

zel Aug 10th 2003 3:25 pm

This URL will probably help or contact your local vet who will be able to give advice and prices.


As far as getting your pets to Spain I'm going to drive mine out there as to be honest my pets are rather timid and I can't imagine how they would cope being in a planes hold.

My friend who's just moved to Alicante last month took his Cat, Dog and talking Parrot and drove them to Spain in his car.. (sent his mrs by plane because "the pets are more important" heh)

He said it went rather well, not sure if he took the tunnel or ferry, personaly I would prefer to take the tunnel as its a shorter timed trip plus you stay in the car, a ferry you would have to leave them in the car while you have to go upstairs to the decks.

Ferry to France from Dover is about 1hr:30mins (or 50 mins on the Rodin ferry with Seafrance)

Tunnel is 45mins and a very smooth journey.

Given the choice I would definately go via the Tunnel..

A top tip is book a same day return ticket as they about 30 quid, compared to over 100 for a one way journey.

If you are going to go by ferry try to leave the UK as early as possible like 1am as then you limit the chances of being held up in French customs, obviously it wouldn't be a problem as you would have all the correct papers, its just a matter of not stressing the animals having to get in and out of the car and wait around, etc.

If you go by the tunnel you will only get stopped at customs on the British end, so another advantage for the tunnel.

Hope this has helped & good luck. Also once you have done it, let me know how it went! :)

BTW: Tunnel being the frieght tunnel (drive on/off) , not the eurostar as you can not take pets on this.

caroline c Aug 10th 2003 7:51 pm

transporting pets to spain
Dear Zel,
Thank you very much for the information.

Caroline C.

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