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olivefarmer Oct 13th 2021 7:52 pm

Rules for driving back to Spain from UK
Have done this times but not post Covid vaccinations.

We have our EU vaccination certificates and passports with plenty of time before expiry. Residency certificates ( old ones not the new TIEs).

presumably it will just be passport check and EU vaccination certificates. Do the French do any residency check because you are entering the Schengen area? Are there any Covid test requirements ( for France)?

anybody done the trip recently? We have bought a few odds and ends but nowhere near the 430 euros per head.

big wheels Oct 13th 2021 10:29 pm

Re: Rules for driving back to Spain from UK
We travelled UK to Spain via Dover- Calais, through France into Spain at the end of September.
Passports and TIE cards were handed over at Dover and that was it. No requests to see our vaccination certificates or anything else.
There were no checks at all on arriving in France, just drove off the ferry and away as normal.

The only time we needed to show our vaccination certificates was to enter the French hotel restaurant where we stayed overnight.

Dxf Oct 14th 2021 4:49 am

Re: Rules for driving back to Spain from UK
I drove back using the Channel Tunnel on 1st October; I handed over my passport at the "French Border control" and was asked if I had a TIE! They checked the TIE and I was waved on.

The only checks were made at a non-motorway restaurant - my certificate for having been double jabbed on my phone (QR code) was read and passed muster. Other than that, a normal drive through France - nothing at the Spanish border.


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