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Fred James Feb 25th 2019 7:10 pm

Re: Retirment

Originally Posted by newpower (Post 12643613)
take a look at requirements for non EU countries.

Post the link please.

newpower Feb 25th 2019 9:01 pm

Re: Retirment

Originally Posted by bobd22 (Post 12643640)
The point you are getting at may be the case but may not. If a deal is done then there will be a transition period whereby UK remains with EU status during that transition period further negotiations will be conducted to define UK citizens status etc after the transition period. What you refer to may well be the worst case scenario but is not certain. Who knows Mrs May may eventually decide to go the customs union route or EFTA route unless you have a crystal ball I can't see how anyone can speak with any certainty on the brexit,/ post brexit fiasco scenario!

you could be right as there may be many outcomes, but at the moment it looks like no deal is favourite.

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