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snikpoh Oct 31st 2019 12:29 pm

Re: Property income in UK.

Originally Posted by Mustard (Post 12756988)
Yes, you can definitely receive UK rental income Gross providing it's with the agreement of HMRC and I believe you need to be letting through a letting agent.

Yes you can definitely deduct management expenses, insurance and repairs plus another 60% on your Spanish tax Return.

But if you receive the income gross, you MUST then do a self-assessment tax return to declare that income (in UK).

Any tax paid can then be offset when you declare the income in Spain.

m2m2012 Oct 31st 2019 1:16 pm

Re: Property income in UK.
Thanks very much for this info; I cannot believe I didn't come across it in all my searching on Google. I'm glad I was wrong; moving to Spain in 2021 is now back on the table!

I don't quite follow what the 60% deduction is for and how it is applied? How would it work in the following scenario:

Gross rent for year was 50000
expenses for year totalled 15000 (insurance, local taxes, and repairs)

Fred James Oct 31st 2019 2:44 pm

Re: Property income in UK.
As far as I know, you work out the gross income after deductions and just declare 40% of it. The Spanish tax system is very simple and you do not have to give any explanations to how you arrive at (any) income figures. You just put a number in a box on the online declaration and pay the tax. No backup paperwork required.

If, however, you are ever the subject of a tax investigation, then you will have to show how you arrived at the figures you declared.

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