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agree_to_disagree Oct 2nd 2021 9:27 am

Okupas - insurance
Rosemary, that is very useful information that you posted at the end of another thread, but it is closed now.

I thought that it was sufficiently important, that it warranted a thread all of its own.

Most of us on here are either already house owners or are perspective house owners, in Spain.

I think it would be very useful to understand the merits of this insurance, if there were any catches and what limitations applied.

Your previous post is below.

"I have inserted a message from DOWNANDOUT about the insurance in case it is of any help to other members.

Here is the link for the insurance against Okupas (couldn't believe it was only 33.14 euros per year).

They have a fluent English speaking contact (Elena) who will answer any questions you may have . There doesn't seem to be any 'catches' in the policy but I've forwarded this info to Mark Stucklin ('Spanish Property Insight' website ) to check it out.

Email: [email protected]
Legal defence insurance against "okupas" - Just Insurance"

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