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white_hart Jan 3rd 2016 7:48 pm

Murcia Holiday Licences
Hi all!

Just joined the forum, so please be gentle!!!

We're considering options with regard to purchasing a property in Spain - either in the Murcia region, or the Valencia region. We're visiting Spain in April to scope out potential areas.

We're looking at is as an investment property in the short (5/6 years) term, and then hoping to move out on a more permanent basis after that time.

Now - one area where we're confused is around the short-term holiday let licences required in these regions. From what we can gather, it's not possible to let out Murcia properties short-term as there is no licence available - however looking around on the internet, there are many, many properties available in the region on short-term holiday lets.

This is why we're also look at the Valencia reqion when we're seems that licences ARE available over there.

The only real source of information I can find is this...

Holiday rental licences in Spain - region-by-region

...but does anyone on the forum have any further information on it?

Is it just the case that there are lots of Murcia property owners who are letting their properties out "illegally"?



Horlics Jan 3rd 2016 8:45 pm

Re: Murcia Holiday Licences
I know several people in the Valencia area who let out properties and have not yet got the licenses, although they are looking into it now. I've heard conflicting reports about the ease of obtaining the licenses; it seems not all offices are familiar with the process at this time.

I am not entirely sure about Murcia but the last I heard is that you can't yet obtain a license. I know one couple who own there and they let out without a license at the moment, and the don't believe they're doing anything illegal.

The good news is, it seems that all regions operating or considering such schemes are looking only to introduce a bit of regulation, not shut the "industry" down. On mainland Spain, at least. It's different with the Canaries.

Casa Santo Estevo Jan 3rd 2016 9:59 pm

Re: Murcia Holiday Licences
Welcome to the forum.

My view on this purchase the property is to sit down with a pen and paper and write down your questions and thoughts.
Here are a few questions to kick off with. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list.

Sub group Law:
  • Are you willing to rent it out and just go with the crowd?
  • If so what are the consequences?
  • What would happen if the law is changed and licences are issued?
  • What would happen if the property could not meet the standards required. Could you or would you adapt the property?
  • Is the property is in or forms part of a community and do they allow vacation rentals?

Sub Group the financial side of things.
  • Is it important you rent it out?
  • Do you know anything about taxes on the earnings from the property?
  • What do cleaners and key holder charge?
  • What about advertising costs?
  • How does this property stand up to the competition? (you already have said "lots of Murcia property owners who are letting their properties out" that says to me competition is fierce. :unsure:

Then there is the emotional part. If this is your property are you willing to let others treat this as their home, even if their standards are nowhere like yours?

I would also seek professional advise. I am not suggesting to talk to estate agents, but maybe a Spanish based lawyer, The town hall of the area you want to purchase in, someone in tourism in for the Región de Murcia as it will be them that will be issuing the decree.

Good luck it is not an easy step to take but loads have done it. Let us know if you have further questions or how you have got on.

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