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Ems22 Dec 2nd 2003 12:05 pm

Moving to Spain in Jan and need info!!

Myself and my dad are moving to Montemar at the end of Jan. We have a bar there but are stuck for somewhere to live. There are some very cheap places but are worried they could be in a bad area! Is there such a thing there???

Also I was wondering what age range of people visit that area? We are trying to decide what sort of things to put on at the bar. Maybe there is something new we could try, something that isn't there already??? We went during Oct and there weren't many people about so couldn't gage what it would be like during peak season!!

Lots of questions I know, can someone please help!!!


jdr Dec 2nd 2003 7:58 pm

You should have got the answers before you bought the bar. :scared: You should have visited the bar several times to check it out.
I think everything has been tried in the bars...apart from naked mud wrestling, but i might be wrong.
Cater for the locals as well as the holiday makers, cos they will be your bread and butter.
Is it the Montemar between Torremolinos and Benalmedena ?
If so all ages visit that area, same as most of Spain
Renting property you get what you pay for, also check that out at different times too, like when the kids are home etc...

regards John
ps I live about 6k from Montemar.

I dont know if i should say "you`ve got some balls" getting a bar without knowledge of the area, cos you might be an Emma.:D

Ems22 Dec 3rd 2003 7:24 am

We've got the bar on leasehold and its closed at the moment because of road works outside the bar. The owner has got fed up due to the fact that the bar can't be seen (because of the roadworks) and therefore it gets no passing trade. Though the present owner still makes enough money to just about survive!! My dad has been across quite a few times but I've only been over briefly.
Wanted to ask the views of people who had lived there and knew the area!! Also because I went over during Oct it was pretty dead, I couldn't gage what it would be like during summer!

We are hoping to use our experience and age to attract a wide range of customers, maybe you can come and visit!! ;)

Thanks for your help!! If you think of any other bits of info that might help, drop me a line. :D

jdr Dec 3rd 2003 3:56 pm

Whats the name of the bar, maybe i will pop in for a couple of :beer: :beer: :D When you get there.

Ems22 Dec 4th 2003 7:15 am

Its called the Buzz. Will be open in April ish next year!
Will give you a few :beer: and a :PARTY: !!! ;)

jdr Dec 8th 2003 8:03 am

Sounds good ems will give you a look:D

P.S. the way the weather has been the last few weeks

[B][U]BRING YER WELLIES :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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