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Just Jenney Nov 7th 2009 7:02 pm

How to QUOTE another person's post correctly!
There's nothing worse than coming across a thread that's got a very interesting and lively discussion going on, only to be ruined by participants who don't know how to quote each other's posts correctly. After giving up on a couple of recent threads like this, I thought I'd write up this simple "How-To" in the hopes that other posters will learn how easy it is to use the "Quote" feature.

What is "quoting"?
It's when one person writes a direct response to a previous person's post in the same thread. By "quoting" it allows the other readers and posters to know to whom you're directing your comments. Otherwise your comments don't make sense because the other readers don't know who you're talking to.

Here's an example of INCORRECT quoting (no offense is intended to the person who posted it). It looks like Folinskyinla wrote the quoted text -- after all, it says, "Originally posted by Folinskyinla". However, the quoted text was ACTUALLY written by makidesuu. Misquoting like this can create all kinds of confusion, since the quoted text often loses all sense when attributed to the wrong person. After reading this post, Folinskyinla would think, "Wait a minute, I didn't say that!"

************************************************** ***************


Originally Posted by makidesuu

Based upon your description, you seem to be saying that CIS made an affirmative finding that your prior marriage WAS bona fide and then stated you have not established that the marriage was not bon fide.

I just looked at your first post and you are pretty clear that the second I-130 was approved long before the most recent denial of the I-751.

Something really does not click in your story. What is CIS doing about that I-130 which was approved? You don't say.

************************************************** ***************

How do I quote someone's post correctly?
It's VERY easy! All you have to do is simply click the blue "QUOTE" button that appears on the bottom right-hand corner of that person's post -- it looks like this:

Once you click that button, the next page that appears on your browser is the "Reply to Thread" page. Instead of being a blank text field, though, it will show the other person's post with the HTML code around it for quoting:

After you've written your response -- remember, the "[/QUOTE]" must be at the end of the other poster's comments in order for it to quote properly -- then hit the "Preview Post" button. The preview will look something like this:


By doing these simple steps, everyone -- including YOU -- will be able to follow the thread and not get confused about who's responding to whom.

And that is my public service for the day. :)

~ Jenney

Just Jenney Nov 7th 2009 10:29 pm

Re: OT: How to QUOTE another person's post correctly!
Ok, sometimes you want to quote more than one post and/or poster at a time, which can be very useful for you and the other readers to get a clearer picture of the discussion within one post. This is particularly helpful when a thread is several pages long and/or has lots of tangents.

If you think of multi-quoting as "a quote within a quote" then it can be easier to get the formatting correct.

How to Multi-Quote:

First, you'll probably need to open the thread in multiple tabs on your browser, especially if the posts appear on different pages. Next, once you find the posts you want to multi-quote, you click on the small blue box next to the QUOTE box

Then you'll use the following format with the [QUOTE] tags (see below). You can quote all or just part of the other poster's comments, as needed.

NOTE: To properly attribute the quote to the correct person, their comments must be prefaced by [QUOTE=Username]:

Once you've set up the multi-quote using the above format, write your reply and click the "Preview Post" button. Your preview will look something like this:

Make any necessary edits to your response, and when you're done, just click the "Submit Reply" button. That's it!

~ Jenney

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