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lurchio Aug 14th 2018 1:45 pm

Re: Health insurance and Tax
Yes, I am seeing it like that now, but await the first applicant after the rules. Bob, you are right and sensible we did a 'seamless' transition from Private cover to Convenio and as a result ended up paying for both in the same month, but obviously had continuous cover.

My point is anyone who comes from the UK and applies for residency here, already living in Spain, are automatically without cover if they have no S1 and are under 65 ad the UK NHS is based on UK residency. It is IF a legislation letter is at that point required is the big exposure. I would do the same as you to be on the safe side, as I did so myself BUT the 'what if?' Still applies.

As regards cancelling Private Insurance, most require the Annual premium 'up front ' now anyway after some abuse of the previous monthly payment system . People stopping the payments having got Residencia etc. Doubt any money would come back, contractual etc.

The fat lady has not sung yet, mind!!!!

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