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rr_45 May 12th 2004 8:23 pm

Getting benefits in Spain
My husband and I are moving to Rojales, near Torrevieja next year. I will be retired then and will apply for residencia when we arrive. My husband, who will not be retired by then, has Parkinsons disease. Under the NHS here in the UK , he has to have regular 3-monthly check-ups and a perscription that he has to collect every month for his condition. We are concerned that these benefits will not carry over to the Spanish system. Does anyone have any experience with receiving benefits? Would my husband be able to see a neurologist consultant and get his perscription, would he have to pay? We were contemplating travelling back to the UK for check-ups but that would be an awful lot of travelling and would still need the medication.
Any advice much appreciated.

pathfinder May 18th 2004 11:55 pm

As an EU member, and moreover as a Spanish resident, you would be entitled to any service available to that of any Spanish citizen. Of course you would have to register with the social security to obtain a number and then you would have to register at your local health centre. The social security will provide you with a temporary card and forward the actual card some time later.

The national health service is very reliable however private hospitals are also numerous due to the large number of companies who offer private health care.

With regards to benefits; they are available but the INEM (employment office) is quite a complex body with nothing really set out in black and white therefore it would be a good idea to address them before relying on any benefits.

Hope this is of help


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