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frigilianafreddy Dec 11th 2021 2:59 pm

DAFO - Timescale?
My architect submitted my information to the town hall last week to obtain a DAFO. I was amazed at the detail required including receipts for sceptic tanks and contracts for emptying, evidence of IBI, water, electricity payments, numerous photos and technical drawings, (even including size and depth of pool), electricity boletin, escritura and lots of other stuff. Does anyone know how long it then takes for the DAFO to be issued?

missile Dec 11th 2021 5:42 pm

Re: DAFO - Timescale?
It will depend on where you are and how busy they are.

Your architect would be the best person to advise :-)

Lou71 Dec 12th 2021 12:03 pm

Re: DAFO - Timescale?
In this area (Axarquia) it is has been taking about six months and it costs about €10,000. We have not applied for a DAFO because we are not selling but two of our Dutch neighbours have managed it successfully - they asked to have the cost deducted from the sale price.

I take it you know about the new and improved planning laws (LISTA) which are coming into force in Andalucia next year? It means you will be able to make changes to the house post DAFO.

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