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bob_bob Nov 21st 2019 8:17 am

Anyone signed up for in Spain? Do you need a VPN to use it over there?

bolton wanderer Nov 21st 2019 10:16 am

Re: Britbox

Originally Posted by bob_bob (Post 12767043)
Anyone signed up for in Spain? Do you need a VPN to use it over there?

From the T&Cs " 8. Geoblocking

8.1. The BritBox Service uses “geo-blocking” measures to prevent you from accessing the services from outside the Territory. This is necessary for us to comply with the terms of our content licences. You agree not to attempt to access, and not to attempt to circumvent the geo-blocking measures to access, the BritBox Service from outside the Territory.

You probably won't need full VPN security, just something like Smart DNS.

bob_bob Nov 21st 2019 11:43 am

Re: Britbox
Thats as I suspected, a friend asked. To be honest when I'm overseas I may watch a bit of Netflix, I take a 2TB external drive full of films should I need them and listen to BBC Radio.

I hope BB works but looking through whats available ... not much I fancy apart from the first 13 seasons of Doctor Who :) That said for the price of a couple of pints a month I'll sign up. Next stop Maspalomas for a bit of pre xmas Sun.

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