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Brisbane bound Feb 8th 2005 3:22 pm

Advice on renting our property please
We are (hopefully) going to Australia for 12 months (or maybe longer if we fall in love with it). We are selling up in the UK but keeping our Spanish property (for when and if we return to this side of the world).
The plan at the moment is to move out some of our belongings and leave them in a locked room in the Spanish property, which will mean there will be two bedrooms available to use instead of three.
We have spoken to a spanish property agent and they say they will do an 11 month let, I thought she said the rent gets paid direct to our bank a/c and that the people renting the property are responsible for any repairs internally (any roof probs etc would be down to us)????
It all sounds very different to our way of doing things in the UK and sounds a bit unsafe.
Has anyone any advice please.
The property is ideal for people working in Estepona. We love it there but it is not really ideal for a holiday let, hence why we went to a local spanish agent.
I will be grateful for any guidance please.......

sibsie Feb 8th 2005 7:06 pm

Re: Advice on renting our property please
Speak to another agent and your lawyer before you do anything. Is there no way you can find somewhere else to store your things? You'll get more money for a 3 bed and more peace of mind having it away somewhere safe. Do you have an underbuild?

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