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keithBT Aug 9th 2021 10:23 am

ADVICE PLEASE - Re mortgage paid off.
Hi All, A relation of mine was an original CE purchaser some 15 years ago almost. Does anyone know - when the mortgage has matured and been paid - does he have to do anything ? For example in the UK the lender would place a charge at the land registry which is signed off at the end of the mortgage. I'm assuming he had a Copia Simple from the notary/ abogado showing his purchase, but legally is there any paperwork to be done when the mortgage is paid ? His original abogado has retired so not possible to ask him. I realise he could contact the bank lender, but we all know how difficult it is trying to anything done at a Spanish bank !! Thanks....Keith

Rosemary Aug 9th 2021 11:01 am

Re: ADVICE PLEASE - Re mortgage paid off.
The simple answer is yes. When I finished paying my mortgage I had to go through a process with the bank, they do not do it automatically. I employed a notary to do much of it but I still had to get some paperwork from the bank to say that I had paid in full. If I remember rightly the notary dealt with the registry office but not sure who else he had to deal with. Definitely tell your relation to get help from a notary to ensure that all is done correctly.


keithBT Aug 9th 2021 9:40 pm

Re: ADVICE PLEASE - Re mortgage paid off.
Oh dear, Thank you Rosemary. I was suspicious this might be the case. Nothing is ever straight forward in Spain !! Always lots of forms and paperwork to do which keeps people employed . Glad its not me having to sort it.

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