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  1. Electrical skills assessment with vetassess!!
  2. Emigrating to Perth (Mandurah)
  3. AS3008
  4. British E&I Technician moving to OZ January 2018
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  7. Electrical Vetasses Melbourne
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  9. Moving from UK to Melbourne as a electrician on a whv
  10. Can gap training be done in U.K.?
  11. Trade Assistant NSW
  12. Aus v NZ work availability
  13. Employer Statement(electrician)
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  21. uk to australia NEED HELP!
  22. Wanting to meet an electrician from UK
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  24. Advice sought
  25. Wanting to become an electrician with a view to immigrating
  26. Electrician advice NSW AUS
  27. Preparing the move!
  28. UK to US electrician
  29. Changing fields
  30. Can I get into Australia with HNC electrical
  31. Electrical Jobs In Perth
  32. UK Electricians working in Europe
  33. Licence and training in Qld
  34. Any work around gold coast
  35. BMS Commissioning Engineer Employment in OZ
  36. Electrician
  37. Info for NSW Sparks looking for gap training
  38. Is my move possible
  39. American electrician moving to Austrailia
  40. Skills assessment / visa process
  41. Electrician wanting to live and work in NZ
  42. LET + LEP 3 day tutorial not cutting it for me
  43. ARTC as Electrica Fitter (Instruments). Sufficient to work as Instrument Tech?
  44. Queensland electrical licence
  45. Anyone done the Gap Training for A grade?
  46. Working and living in Australia
  47. Electrician course Mexico City?
  48. Electrician doing gap training WA soon
  49. Practical With Vic Uni
  50. Work and travel, where to live?
  51. Best way to get licensed
  52. Latest way to get Licensed A
  53. Online Log book help
  54. Electricians moving to Australia
  55. Future Skills Electives
  57. British male looking for advice on gaining electrical licence in OZ
  58. Australian Electrical Books
  59. Electrical Australian Minimum Context Gap course 80970ACT
  60. General Electrician Vetassess Practical Skills Assessment - advice please!
  61. Applying for PR with an ostr
  63. Going the New Zealand route
  64. Minimum Australian Context Gap Sydney
  65. Vetassess electrician assesment help
  66. What next? Best/quickest way to get license?
  67. Help please
  68. Advice via pm's / posting to use pm system
  69. Help with my OSTR electrical exam
  70. Melbourne uni cert 3
  71. basics on how to work as spark in aus
  72. Fully qualified spark travelling to aus
  73. Advice on Vetassess practical
  74. Realistic views on immigrating and finding work please.(Australia)
  75. QLD electrical licence requirements
  76. WA Electrician Jobs
  77. Recieved this email today
  78. Gaining cert 3 for PR
  79. how to get back into my trade
  80. Technical interview
  81. Quick TRA question
  82. Getting Cert III
  83. Final Hurdle - Vetassess Prac in WA.
  84. Becoming a spark in Victoria
  85. Capstone GAP B course and exam
  86. Help with TRA job references
  87. IELTS
  88. Perth Electricians Books, please
  89. Electrical Gap Training PLEASE HELP
  90. PEER VEET Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 Tips and old exam papers needed.
  91. Aussie looking to work as sparky in UK
  92. Vetassess skills assessment - skilled employment commencement date
  93. E-profiling
  94. Modern Apprenticeship Certificate & Trade Recognition
  95. Trade assistant Victoria
  96. Regulation on electrics in Spain.
  97. list of stuff to send to vetassess
  98. Getting work
  99. starting the process?
  100. Electrician wanting to move to canada
  101. anyone know any thing or used these to get their visa/skills test sorted?
  102. Let's all have a winge...
  103. NSW A License
  104. Booked in for future skills end of the month any advice
  105. what do I need to do to get my Electrician ARTC
  106. Gap training in brisbane
  107. UK Electrician looking to sit Red Seal exam in Canada
  108. UK electrician in aus
  109. How do I get an Electrical Craft Certificate?
  110. Vetassess Telephone Interview following Gap Training completion
  111. Help finding AS/Nzs 3760:2010
  112. Maximum demand... Help please!
  113. Restricted Electrical Workers Licence - Victoria
  114. Is it still possible to transfer SA license to WA
  115. Gaining WA A Grade Technical Licence
  116. vettasess evidence help
  117. Evidence for VETASSESS??
  118. Vetassess technical interview
  119. Gap Training Help
  120. National licensing has been canned
  121. Vetasses???
  122. 189 Visa to oz??
  123. perth advice please !!
  124. WA Electrician Jobs
  125. vetassess-electrician general or special class.which is suits me, please advice
  126. WA Job opportunities??
  127. getting a full licence in qld...
  128. Upskilling
  129. TRA (headache) technical phone interview????
  130. working in canada
  131. Help Regarding Vetassess
  132. Licensing help needed
  133. wa to nsw license
  134. British trained American electrical contractor wanting to work in the us
  135. Vetassess practical results
  136. Licensing in Sydney
  137. Crap electrical
  138. Licensing for Overseas Electricians in NSW
  139. Where to start?
  140. pratical assessment not needed?
  141. Seriously disheartened.....
  142. Assessment resistance box and other stuff
  143. safe isolation-vetassess
  144. Some advice please
  145. Looking for Wiring rules Books for final Exams.
  146. Help,Spark needing work
  147. ARTC problems
  148. ARTC declined Help
  149. OTSR process
  150. ARTC or OTSR? Anyone help?