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  1. pratical assessment not needed?
  2. Seriously disheartened.....
  3. Assessment resistance box and other stuff
  4. safe isolation-vetassess
  5. Some advice please
  6. Looking for Wiring rules Books for final Exams.
  7. Help,Spark needing work
  8. ARTC problems
  9. ARTC declined Help
  10. OTSR process
  11. ARTC or OTSR? Anyone help?
  12. Vetassess electrical exam
  13. In Sydney looking for work
  14. Future Skills UK contacts
  15. 80970ACT - Course in Electrician - Minimum Australian Context Gap
  16. Retraining on oz
  17. work in WA
  18. Yesssssssss
  19. QLD Electrical Mechanics Licence Renewal & Skills Maintenance
  20. Electrician (Special Class) Assessment body?
  21. Info on Vetassess electrical exam
  22. Worth it
  23. Process to Emigrate to NSW
  24. Electrical Books X 8
  25. New Zealand to Australia Licence
  26. peerveet course books
  27. cayman islands
  28. Vetassess what a pain
  29. work in wa
  31. Electrical Fitters Licence Exam
  32. SA to QLD contractors license
  33. couple of newbie questions
  34. Work for sparks??
  35. Future Skills OTSR assessment
  36. Future Skills Electrical Assesment
  37. vetassess centre
  38. ARTC guidelines regarding an OSTR
  39. License ASAP why so hard
  40. Help, looking for work in Melbourne.!!!!
  41. ARTC while still in UK?
  42. visa's Australia
  44. ARTC
  45. have WA licence but need skills assessment for PR??!!
  46. Any Melbourne sparkies ?
  47. MAGT at PEER
  48. NSW Electrical License
  49. ARTC application...in limbo
  50. OTSR done - now for the license...
  51. AUS standard books wanted - AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 3012, AS/NZS 3008 & AS/NZS 3017, ETSA
  52. Vetassess Electrician Elective HELP
  53. A bit quiet in here.
  54. Future skills OTSR
  55. Vetassess practical assessment advice please.
  56. Electrical Fitters License
  57. Electrician (special class) Skills Assessment Help!!!
  58. Electrical Building Maintenance Engineer looking to emmigrate
  59. Techmation or Studon
  60. How to use TRA online portal to track your application
  61. Electrical Fitter Exam Info
  62. Electrician wage
  63. Queensland ESO
  64. skills assessment
  65. Red Seal Alberta?
  66. Is it too late?
  67. 176 sub class missing in ARTS application form?
  68. Electrician looking to move to Aus what do I do?
  69. Getting An Australian Trade Certificate
  70. requirement for using ferrules
  71. Peer Course Question....
  72. British Army RE Electrical Qualifications and Vetassess
  73. TAFE ETL...175 Visa holders pay Permanent Resident FEES???
  74. Sparky work in Aus whilst waiting for ARTC?
  75. Heading to WA with Vetassess NOW WHAT?????
  76. Electrician or Retrain
  77. Anyone gone through Future skills assesment?
  78. Help im a confused UK spark trying to get a NSW license
  79. Is it possible to get ARTC for el. mechanic and fitter at the same time?
  81. How to get license when in Oz?
  82. Becoming a recognised sparkie in Melbourne
  83. Peer practicle test
  84. Advice needed on skills assessment with Vetassess
  85. License change
  86. Could I find answers to my questions please ?
  87. HELP! Electrical License Victoria
  88. sponsorship for Irish and uk lineys
  89. railway workers advice
  90. Sponsorship as TA?
  91. Change of mind Canada instead!
  92. scot electrician currently in afghanistan
  93. as3000 and other books wanted
  94. Provisional licence
  95. 25yr old spark need advice on the move to Aus
  96. Where to Start?
  97. Uk Electrician holiday working visa ATRC?
  98. Trouble getting sponsored
  99. Electrician looking to move to Perth WA
  100. working in attics to run cables without being bitten!
  101. OTSR gap training etc
  102. Where about's in Perth is majority of commercial work?
  103. British electrician in Barcelona or around
  104. WA license from another state?
  105. Studying to be an Electrician in Australia
  106. ARTC electrical fitter WA
  108. What do I need to start working on Gas appliances in NSW?
  109. Electrician looking for work in Australia.
  110. ETL BOOKS
  111. national licencing update from NOLS/ NOLA
  112. Electrician Jobs in Australia
  113. Recognition prior learning for WA licence
  114. Advice re EOI
  115. Critique my CV/Resume
  116. help! ARTC NOT GRANTED
  117. british electrician seeking electrical licence in canada
  118. ARTC Application
  119. vetassess practical assessment: Electrician
  120. Ontario Elecy What i need to do
  121. Electrical Contractors Licence distance learning
  122. HELP ARTC application electrical mechanic
  123. Got my QLD Electrical Mechanic Licence at last!!
  124. Electrician on a working holiday visa
  125. Need sparky needs advice
  127. Will I be able to get ARTC?
  128. ARTC wa HELP !!
  129. Please help to get on job electrical apprenticeship in Adelaide
  130. New National Australian Licence?
  131. Electrician course in Perth / who has done it ?
  132. PEER Course (Adelaide, SA) - Details and information
  133. Electrical jobs for gap training
  134. Becoming an electrician in oz! Im confused?!
  135. VETASSESS Electrician Technical Interview ???
  136. sub contracting
  137. Can you help me to find the faulty please
  138. 457 Sponsored Sparks - Vetassess or ARTC?
  139. Vetassess statements good enough for artc application
  140. VETASSESS electrical practical exam! Help please?
  141. work in adelaide
  142. Confused Vetasses/ARTC
  143. What Qualifications are required from UK to help be recognised in Oz as a electricia
  144. Licensed electrical assessment
  145. ARTC/TRA: JIB and NVQ level 3?
  146. ETL course perth
  147. working in nz as an electrician
  148. Can I go to WA to get license and NSW to work?
  149. When to get Health Checks and Police Check?
  150. Melbourne: contacts for finding apprenticeship.