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  1. Chefs/ Restaurant owners/Foodies
  2. Looking to potentially meet others in Alberta that are interested in Entrepreneurship
  3. Experiences with expat meetup/support groups in Toronto?
  4. Opportunities
  5. Are your parents or grandparents expats to the UK from Africa or the Caribbean?
  6. Turnkey business in Canada's 2nd largest ski resort
  7. Seeking Investor for Business Opportunity Barbados
  8. Selling your property back in the UK. Provide feedback for a new HMRC online service
  9. Selling property back in the UK
  10. Any British speakers living in Nijmegen?
  11. Market Research.- New Zealand
  12. Established business for sale - NZ
  13. Working Volunteers Needed to Help with Research!
  14. Research for Master Dissertation
  15. Research study for Masters Program
  16. I've written a new football book!
  17. Purchase B&B in Canada?
  18. BE Housing Arrangements?
  19. End of degree paper
  20. Research Doctoral project
  21. Greater Toronto area british realtor
  22. Research - Graduate working holidaymakers
  23. Looking For Financial Services/Property Partners
  24. Are you organizing a reccy trip to Oz ?
  25. Started New Relocations Business in Brisbane Looking For Partners
  26. Looking for Volunteers - Prototype for new registration process for overseas voters
  27. Researcher requesting help from Expatriates working/used to work in an Arab country
  28. Survey about the consumer behaviour of expats in Spain
  29. In need for British people with Indonesian language skills!
  30. Survey on Cosmopolitanism - URGENT, PLEASE HELP!!
  31. Columbia University Research - Please Help Us! Why do British Citizens move to the US
  32. Free London Australian Skilled Migration Seminar - 4th June
  34. Resume Services - UK to Canadian
  35. Green Data Centres
  36. Win an Amazon voucher! Just complete a short survey on technology & work/life balance
  37. British Goods Delivered Worldwide
  38. Website for Sale
  39. Trust in distant/remote leadership - HELP for research needed
  40. Started my own business
  41. Need help please from people in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana
  42. British students, please HELP to fill in survey about usage of Social Media.
  43. Professional Photography From Colorado
  44. Family Day Care places available in Point Cook VIC
  45. A Guide to Move Consultations
  46. New connections needed in the Technology sector!
  47. Case studies for financial guide required
  48. Please Help Me With My Dissertation Questionnaire! British sports fans needed!
  49. Research Opportunity - Please Help!
  50. Expat Research Opportunity - Please Help
  51. Brits in Australia - what's your experience?
  52. British construction company In Italy
  53. Earning extra income (Australia)
  54. Medical Travel Research Participant Request
  55. PLEASE HELP: Undergrad Dissertation Questionnaire
  56. Do you work in the International removals / relocation industry?
  57. Open for business
  58. Engineers, Doctors, other professionals
  59. Calling all Doctors, Engineers, Pilots etc business visa's
  60. What Local investment/tax advice is available? - Spain (Ayamonte)
  61. Britons working in US, please take short survey!
  62. Ambitious professionals moving to QLD ? All your banking needs taken care of before
  63. English Hairdresser Hope Island Qld
  64. Work Experience Abroad Study
  65. Perth, K & B Plumbing & Gas - Joint Venture
  66. Repatriation survey in the UK
  67. Short-term accommodation - Nova Scotia
  68. Opening a business . any ideas for a real money maker?
  69. Need a new Car?
  70. British Female HR Expat Study
  71. Why is that sales threas closed for comment?
  72. I'm back on... The Medical Insurance Guru
  73. Personality and Humour - Help needed
  75. Sworn translator / Traductor jurado
  76. Export from Avignon to Australia
  77. Co for sale
  78. Please take 2 minutes to read, thanks xx
  79. Mortgage & default problems in Cyprus
  80. Cyprus
  81. Bad
  82. Looking for UK migrants living in QLD, NSW or WA.
  83. Money for cutting your lawn in the Algarve
  84. Did you buy Northern Rock In 2007?
  85. Exiting new business Franchise in Australia
  86. Master student help for research purposes
  87. Possibly investor required
  88. Ipod kits and other A/V solutions for most Toyota and Lexus Models
  90. Save the lynx at Joon Pet Shop, Riyadh
  91. Get involved in exciting design/geography project!
  92. Family genealogy & Family history reseacher
  93. Honours research: "new media, social networks and expatriate adjustment"
  94. Kindly help me with the research for my master thesis
  95. Business Opportunity In Central Florida
  96. University Research- "Bringing the Knowledge Back"
  97. Mail redirection Australia
  98. PCC programme for future events.
  99. Exciting New Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs based in Hong Kong!
  100. Quesada. Fashion Show date for your diary.
  101. Save a bundle in taxes by transferring your UK pension to Guernsey
  103. Paul Cunningham Nuses Charity Needs YOU!!
  104. Internet Marketing Seminar Auckland
  105. Expat Early Returnees – Please Help!
  106. Enquete for british people!
  107. 'Business Man Friday' for hire
  108. Commercial expansion to the UAE
  109. Please help me and fill in my short Master Thesis Questionnaire
  110. New venues for jazz bands. Castalla etcetera.
  111. Help for Heroes
  112. Wordpress for Beginners
  113. Got Some Time to Spare?
  114. British ExPats in Melbourne
  115. Sell Your Service to Europe
  116. Frozen food retailers similar to the UK's Iceland...
  117. British Expat missing in Costa Rica, help needed!!
  118. Pay off your home loan in a 1/3 of the time?
  119. Medical Insurance
  120. Body Shop at Home
  121. Use of UK Migration agents.
  122. IT Training & Support in Algarve, Portugal
  123. Cousin Jacks abroad
  124. Survey on the Importance of International Work Experience for Managers/Professionals
  125. Please Help
  126. Wills
  127. Arrival Accommodation?
  128. Please help GOA
  130. Renting in Calgary
  131. Are you relocating to Calgary & Surrounding Towns?
  132. Feeling homesick?
  133. Help shape the future of consular services for British Nationals.
  134. BABC (British American Business Council) / Linkedin Groups
  135. Share your experience of migrating?
  136. Re: Making Friends in France
  137. Looking for a Hairdresser on the Gold Goast????
  138. Personal interest project - Patriotism and multiculturalism
  139. What were your main financial issues/concerns when you first arrived in Oz?
  140. ACEradio.co.uk
  141. Online survey of Brits considering or planning to migrate
  142. Tourism Guinea Pigs Needed
  143. MELBOURNE - next week !!!
  144. Help our school fundraiser by particpating in our raffle and win a trip to Anguilla!!
  145. Looking for help on UK employment law
  146. Research - please help. British-Australian barriers to communication.
  147. Expat Web Hosting (and discount)
  148. Offshore Company Formation
  149. calling all housewives
  150. Back to blighty! Gold Coast business for sale