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  17. Working for Education Experts
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  19. Formulating a target salary
  20. Job search ME Engineer
  21. Job discussion topic for Islamic University Madinah
  22. Construction side QS salary
  23. Re: How safe is to work in Iraq, Basra?
  24. 6 & 6
  25. Struggling for responses from recruiters
  26. Ajman University of Science and Technology
  27. Job offer in telcoms
  28. Single mom working in Qatar at HMC is it possible???
  29. Laureate Vocational College
  30. OU degree for teaching job acceptable in SA?
  31. Qatar offer
  32. What's a high salary
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  34. Being Self Employed in Abu Dhabi???
  35. Cancer Treatment specialist
  36. Caring jobs in UAE
  37. Recruitment salary Dubai
  38. UAE Job Offer
  39. Moving with my husband to Abu Dhabi - How to find a great job?
  40. Obtaining jobs in the ME
  41. ENEC Barakah
  42. NOC / Restrictions on Changing Jobs in the UAE
  43. 'Based' in Dubai but 3 days in AD - Housing?
  44. Work contract negotiations in Kuwait
  45. Definition of 30 'calendar days' annual leave
  46. saudi aramco interview
  47. Thoughts on an offer in Doha please
  48. Difference between Public and Private Sectors
  49. Does UAE just run slower?
  50. Help Required: Salary Expectations
  51. Job Hunting Tips Please Help!
  52. Salary package for IT security professionals in Qatar
  53. Salary question
  54. Big 4 Audit Position, Dubai
  55. Female Job Opportunities
  56. Graduate looking for adventure in Mideast
  57. Is it a good idea? 38k, Doha
  58. Changing Employer..Bank Issue
  59. Anyone used "Teleportmyjob" Recruitment agency?
  60. Associate Director Level
  61. Help - TAKREER - Face to Face Interview Request
  62. How flexible is a package - base salary vs accom?
  63. Laureate Saudi Arabia
  64. Relocation to Bahrain from UK Employer-Salary Offered
  65. Being a Consultant
  66. SEN Teaching Assistant Oppurtunities - Advice Needed!
  67. Offer Details - Doable?
  68. Which English Qualification?
  69. Dubai - Rent Increase but no jobs/salary increase
  70. Chartered Engineer
  71. Occupational Therapy jobs in Dubai
  72. Advice on Salary please
  73. Recruitment Agencies - Contracts Engineers (O&G)
  74. Qatar residence permit police checks - advice on convictions please
  75. AGT International Abu Dhabi
  76. Best employers in the Gulf?
  77. DRAGON OIL-Kind assistance please???
  78. Police checks for saudi employment visa
  79. Qatar Offer
  80. Final Interview, don't for get to ask....
  81. Job offer, but does nationality stop it?
  82. Worst Job in the World ?
  83. Searching IT Jobs in Middle East from UK
  84. Teaching in Doha?
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  86. Expact Salary in Doha for an engineer
  87. Dental Nurse in Abu Dhabi
  88. Working in Healthcare / housing allowance
  89. Urgent please help -Job offer Baytur Saudi
  90. Mechanical Engineer Salary in Iraq
  91. Best Way To Find A Job Dubai
  92. Qatar Gas job offer--any good?
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  94. Teacher needs advice!
  95. Media Moves in the UAE
  96. A newbie confused - job offer in Dubai
  97. Offer and the contract
  98. Media Production opportunities in Dubai
  99. Finding a job in the Middle East with no contacts
  100. Networking Logistics
  101. Saudi Expat Public Sector Job Freeze
  102. New to this forumn
  103. Teachers: Holiday Pay?
  104. Employment dilemma
  105. Thank You Letter
  106. Moving jobs within Abu Dhabi
  107. Physio's in Middle East
  108. HSBC
  109. Secretary salary range - Saudi Aramco
  110. Boat building jobs
  111. Job Interview for British International School Al Khobar
  112. Modifying the standard TECOM employment contract?
  113. Teaching jobs in UAE
  114. 12,000 AED - enough? Wife, and one child?
  115. Does anyone know any Colleges or Universities that are hiring now in the Gulf?
  116. etihad online assessment?
  117. Manateq - Doha
  118. Qatar public sector for western expats?
  119. Job hunting in Dubai
  120. What are the best job seeking websites for international teachers?
  121. firefighter offer received... urgent info required
  122. Job Searching UAE
  123. Finding Employment In Saudi Or Middle East
  124. primary teaching and mental health nursing dubai
  125. Attestation of Certificates & Visa Procedure
  126. Abu Dhabi offer... thoughts?
  127. HELP! Yanbu SAPL Royal Commission offer
  128. Recent engineering graduate looking for employment abroad
  129. Doha Offer - Need your input.
  130. Management consultant looking for a role in UAE/Bahrain/Qatar/KSA - guidance needed
  131. Job Offer, Is it real or is it a scam?
  132. offer from middle east country IT company
  133. Dubai Salary Offer
  134. Are there any Military Training/Rotary Aviation Communications Specialist Job roles ?
  135. Dubai Job Search Help
  136. Abu Dhabi Firefighter salary
  137. Job seeking in Abu Dhabi with SSAT. Advice?
  138. Prospects for a UK-trained property lawyer/solicitor in Dubai?
  139. Adnoc salary -Is it worth it ?
  140. Qatar - International PMC or Ashghal for Western Expat?
  141. Trying to find job in Bahrain, am I doing something wrong?
  142. Recruitment process Qatar Airways timeline?
  143. Nursery Teaching in Dubai??
  144. Marketing Job Offer in Riyadh - need a response by Friday please
  145. How easy to change an employer in KSA
  146. Is this a good offer in Qatar?
  147. Zayed Univesrity
  148. Does anyone on here work at KAUST in Saudi
  149. Cost of living and salary in Qatar for a software engineer
  150. Whats a career woman to do in Doha?