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Trax Aug 15th 2008 12:36 am

Moving to Singapore with family
My husband will be moving to S'pore later this year, and we will be joining him early next year.

Any suggestions on areas to live. I don't fancy high rise condos, especially as we will be taking our dog and cats (kids won't go without them). Are there any other options apart from landed houses. I quite like the idea of having other kids living nearby, as our children are very sociable. i.e. are there any small townhouse type complexes where you can have pets. The kids will probably go to the AIS, though I am doing a looksee trip early Sept, so shall look at other high schools too (though I know the waiting lists can be huge!) We will be on a local package, but hope to get something for about S$10k. Is this realistic for a 3 to 4 bed place?

I've read about how expensive some things are there, but are there any things that are much cheaper than here in Sydney? Seasider, you might be able to help me out with this?

Any help or info appreciated. Many thanks


Kooky. Aug 15th 2008 1:18 am

Re: Moving to Singapore with family
Hi Trax, I've just the minute put some links and info on another thread so won't repeat them here. :)

You could look at older condo complexes, low rise ones, although they are increasingly being knocked down to make way for more high rises.

You could look at what they call cluster houses - townhouses with condo facilities. I don't know that many but there are a few at Bedok, very near to Tanah Merah MRT station. D'Manor and Summer Gardens spring to mind. has details.

AIS is pretty much in the middle of the island and with school buses you can live anywhere, but the area itself is not bad. A friend of mine has an admittedly large house with pool at Braddell Heights for S$17k a month, IIRC. You can find more modest accommodation there though.

You could look around Upper Thomson Road and Macritchie Reservoir, too.

I'm very out of touch with rents as we lived in a falling down shophouse in a not des-res area, paying a very small sum :) but the site should give you an idea.

As to cost of living - well like everywhere it's gone up lately. Rents esecially although I hear they're settling down. Cars cost a bloody fortune so we never had one and it was quite liberating - taxis and public transport are great, although I know a lot of families do find cars very useful.

I find food in Sydney to be expensive. Sure you can blow S$500 on a meal for two, no problem, in Singapore, but equally you can eat out for a tenner. Just having a sarnie and latte for lunch in town here shocks me. Groceries are expensive - I know Aussies say meat is - and limited in choice if you want "Western" items; of course they have to be imported and you'll find something one week, then not for a couple of months. We ate out a lot and mostly asian food so not a big deal to us, although I craved good fresh produce.

It depends on your lifestyle but I think you will find it a bit cheaper. Not booze, of course, but there's always Duty Free :D (S$25 a litre of Bombay Sapphire, what more could an expat wife want? ;) )

I'm sure the owners of this site don't thank me for this but, as usual, I will say look on the sites I've mentioned on other threads. It really is the best way to talk to a good cross-section of people and then draw your own conclusions. Ignore the idiots who love to flame, take the piss-taking with a pinch of salt, give as good as you get, and you should get a lot of good information.

Don't hesitate to ask further on here though. :)

Trax Aug 16th 2008 12:43 am

Re: Moving to Singapore with family
Thanks for that info Seasider. I'm sure I will be back with more questions soon. Hope you've settled in well being in Sydney, though, I find that once an expat, you always seem to have a certain amount of wander lust.


ex reg Aug 16th 2008 7:48 am

Re: Moving to Singapore with family
I was struck that with a local package you can afford 10K on accommodation.

I think you should be OK with that if you go for terraced housing.

jan&co Aug 30th 2008 7:41 am

Re: Moving to Singapore with family
This link may give you some idea:

Cold Storage is like Woollies, but you'll find better deals in the heartland's

Have fun!

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