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Gordon Barlow Oct 22nd 2018 4:48 am

Surfing above the Arctic Circle
Here's something different for any B E surfies interested in going to extremes. The link is to what claims to be the most northerly surfing spot in the world. Not for me - I've never surfed on a board, so I have no personal interest in participating! (And I have zero financial interest in the school up there.) When I was young there was only body-surfing, in the warm waters off the coast of Queensland. Board-surfing was only just beginning to take off, in those days.

On my birthday in August 1964 I went for a super-quick dip in the bay off Narvik, after hitching up from Bergen on my first trip to a non-English-speaking country. Freezing cold, even in the middle of summer. Visited one of the Lofoten Islands, too, but not where this surfing place is.

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