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Irishbeekeeper Aug 2nd 2014 4:27 pm

USA Couple held in Qatar
"Court papers show the prosecution based the case partly on the suspicion that the Huangs, who are of Asian descent, could not possibly have wanted black African children as their own."

"But me lord the child was a negro of this ghastly black color, how can any parent love a child like that?? Surely these chinese looking people with amerigan bassborts are sbies!!"

***ing **tards!

shiva Aug 3rd 2014 5:20 am

Re: USA Couple held in Qatar

Originally Posted by Irishbeekeeper (Post 11356196)

***ing **tards!

pretty much this.

Scamp Aug 3rd 2014 7:46 am

Re: USA Couple held in Qatar
Unreal. ****ing *****.

co durham boy Aug 3rd 2014 11:26 am

Re: USA Couple held in Qatar
Par for the course here , this story has been doing the rounds for 6 months here .

No one bats an eyelid which is the biggest disgrace .

Irishbeekeeper Aug 3rd 2014 3:28 pm

Re: USA Couple held in Qatar
I cant imagine what the parents would be going through right now. To loose a child and then be accused of murdering her? I am pretty sure an obnoxious, bottom-feeding fvktard of a local doctor is behind the whole accusation

co durham boy Aug 4th 2014 7:33 am

Re: USA Couple held in Qatar

Originally Posted by Norm_uk (Post 11357193)
The layers of racism are just amazing.

First the assumption that because the couple are of east asian descent they are heartless, inscrutable and couldn't possibly care for any child but their own flesh and blood.

Second that this applies even more as the child is black.

Khaleeji's think they are the master race of course so they know best (and base their knowledge of race, anthropology and comparative cultures on narrow writings by people who influenced the Nazis and their own bizarre tribal world view that is no doubt influenced by generations of cousin marriage.

Quite sad for this couple and their child. Is there any update on their status?


The U.S State Department have officially requested the Qatari authorities to review the case to speed up the judicial proceedings.

Irishbeekeeper Aug 4th 2014 8:19 am

Re: USA Couple held in Qatar read, a few facts stand out:
1. "The Qatari medical examiner, Dr. Anis Mahmoud Khalifa noted that the child lacked the physical hallmarks of a child who was starved to death or abused."
Then why the detention and the case?

2. "Employer pressure to return to work : The new element is an increasingly bitter legal dispute with Matthew Huang’s American employer, MWH Global, which requested — now that he was out of prison — that Matthew return to work or forfeit further pay and benefits. In what the employer is calling a personnel issue and Matthew Huang is calling an unrealistic demand that amounts to forced dismissal, he resigned."
It might be an american firm but I think there are 'other' *cough*local*cough* unseen factors at play here.

OriginalSunshine Aug 4th 2014 2:41 pm

Re: USA Couple held in Qatar
MWH Global | Offices

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