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mikewot Nov 13th 2013 6:15 am

UAE Businesses encouraged to be greener
BUSINESSES across the UAE are being urged to reduce energy and cut water consumption as part of a new campaign.

Heroes of the UAE is a green initiative by Emirates Wildlife Society in association with World Wide Fund for Nature (EWS-WWF) that encourages companies in the private sector to reduce such waste by 10 per cent.

“Educating employees about ways to reduce their carbon footprint is useful in many ways because they can take that message home and implement what they learned,” said Heroes of the UAE
With large developments taking place in Dubai, such as Mohammed bin Rashid City and Al Habtoor City, sustainability officers are keeping a close eye on environmental impact. Withers said: “The government has set a high level of going green.

They have the going green economic vision.

“But it’s not only up to these large developments to reduce the carbon emissions. We as individuals play a huge rule and people have to learn how to reduce their carbon footprints in the workplace.”

OK sounds great but what contribution will the municipality be making? Let me think, there is the plan for the worlds biggest park, larger than Hyde Park and completely landscaped. Then there is the landscaping of the roads to the new airport, mile after mile of trees and plants at the roadside and over the roundabouts. So yes, Dubai is getting greener but not in a reducing carbon footprint sort of way given the energy required to make usable water.

Boomhauer Nov 13th 2013 7:53 am

Re: UAE Businesses encouraged to be greener
Dubai and Abu-Dhabi going green... ; just bandwagon jumping.

They could emulate areas of the US SouthWest where lush flowing green laws and flora , very unsuited for a desert enviroment due to its water consumption, have been ditched in favour of flora that is at home in such a climate (aka Desertscaping).

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