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Dago Dec 6th 2007 4:39 pm

Nice flat but...
I've got the top floor of a very smart house owned by a senior (very, very) Kwaiti - who is actually quite nice to me.

Occasionally he loses the plot totally and although this house is big and solid I've just heard him screaming for over an hour - it was horrendous. He has about five servants and I suppose hes been attacking them for something. He just drove off in a cloud of smoke into the traffic and was pushing cars out of the way with his and horning which is not allowed in K. (I've just re-read this - crashing into cars is not allowed either!!)

Jeesus - I fel bad for his staff. They are all nice to me because I gave one of them 50 quid when they went back to Bangladesh - I suppose they all want their 'entitlement' too.

I do love this country but sometimes it does revert to type...

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