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Beakersful Aug 4th 2013 7:29 am

Dubai: Things to do with a partner - Ramadan/Eid crossover
Since the search isn't coming up with anything definitive or contemporary, and I've got the added complication of coming over during a period crossing over from quiet to bright lights, 6th-16th, perhaps some suggestions might called for memorable times in the sole company of one shining example of the fairer sex during this period (no suggestions of utilising women-of-the-night please, I value my little chap and have found 6 months in a monastery didn't 'break' me)

I want to see memorable things, do interesting things, mix up long walks hand in hand with deep conversation whilst also experiencing the noise, lights and bustle (and maybe even eye opening moments staring at the underbelly.) Things located within reach of the Metro line would be preferable, although the odd taxi ride to something special won't hurt.

Any theatres putting on anything intelligent?

Safe evening swimming areas?

Public events not to miss at the start of Eid?

We're both around the 40's line if that'll help narrow activities down. I'm sure I'll be briefed on the cultural differences I have to constrain myself within, even between the emirates.

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