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scot47 Dec 24th 2013 12:54 pm

Be Careful, says HMG
Warning from Embassy

Please be aware of the following:

Imam Hussain Arbaeen Procession is an important religious festival celebrated by many across Bahrain. As a part of this festival, religious observations, processions and events will take place throughout Bahrain between 23 and 24 December. Although these are expected to be peaceful, there is a possibility that there might be anti-government protests which could involve clashes with the police.

We expect demonstrations, protests and disruption to continue. These activities may include attempts to disrupt traffic, protests in villages and near economic centres, the burning of tyres, the throwing of Molotov cocktails, and the possible use of improvised explosive devices. As a result there could be clashes between government security forces and protesters.

While there have been no direct threats or attacks on UK citizens to date, it is strongly recommended that you maintain a constant awareness of your surroundings wherever you are on the island. Violent protests do pose a risk to those who might inadvertently find themselves in the vicinity of an active demonstration. If you encounter a large public gathering or demonstration, leave the area immediately. Likewise, if you see any suspect item, do not approach it or touch it. Move away from the vicinity and notify the police, calling 999 or the Police Hotline 8000 8008 .

We would also like to draw your attention to a recent reminder from the Ministry of Interior regarding the compulsory carrying of photographic ID for all residents of and visitors to Bahrain. Under Bahraini law, it is an offence not to be able to present photographic ID, if asked to do so by a member of the Bahraini authorities, and you may be subject to a fine of up to 300BHD

Patsy Stoned Dec 24th 2013 6:15 pm

Re: Be Careful, says HMG
and your point is?? You posted this at almost 5.30pm today the 24th... the warning is almost over... you don't live in the ME anymore sweetie .. nobody who lives in Bahrain has felt the need to publish a warning... stop living vicariously through the middle east 'bored'! I realise that I am obviously totally lacking in Christmas spirit.. however.. ask me if I care...... NO! :D

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