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gjw156 Aug 10th 2013 11:07 am

It cant get any better...Can it?
Hi All

Been in the Sandpit for three weeks now...Or is it three years and I need to vent somewhere before I explode so apologies in advance!

It all started so well when my Iqama took 4 days, honest, I think that'll be some sort of record!

Pity that its got my religion down as Islam...I suppose at least I can get into Mecca ......Meant I couldn't get back to UK for Eid holiday and escape from the hotel (The tunnel is going well).

The HOTEL....No internet, Pool is closed for refurb for another 3 months and the kids........Nightmare . It starts about 11pm and continues through the night to the early hours..Using the corridors as running tracks...
and the bas****ds took my Do Not Disturb sign off last night....

The JOB: Im HOD Sales but my negotiation was strong and it ended up with the company providing a car as we couldn't agree on an allowance.......BIG MISTAKE. Ive always wanted a Battered Beige Nissan Sunny.

I called meetings with other HODs to break bread but they don't want any sales interference in there departments as they allow System Engineers to sell!!!!

Is it always like this? and YES it is a large company operating across the gulf.

Anyway, got to go as the guards are doing a head count......Anyone got a baseball!

Geordie Blowk :confused:

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