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mentalist Mar 27th 2013 5:42 am

British Girl Killed By Dogs
Just a warning that badly trained dogs can be exceedingly dangerous. I wish Emiratis read this, but very much doubt it. You see so many of their youngsters with dogs that appear completely out of control.:(

kittycat1 Mar 27th 2013 10:04 am

Re: British Girl Killed By Dogs
This always makes me so frustrated. This is such an avoidable tragedy (for the young girl and for the dogs). When will they bring back a licence to be a dog owner? These are working dogs not pets and should not be kept as such.

I used to live on a rather rough estate in London where there was dog baiting pretty much every Friday night outside the back of my block of flats. The police saw the estate as a nogo area so nothing was ever done and the dogs would rip the shit out of each other. Always pitbulls, bull mastiffs and various other aggressive breeds. these are not house pets they are dogs bred to be aggressive and have no business being in any home let alone one with children/young adults. Keeping more than 1 only encourages pack behaviour. Incredibly irresponsible owners and breeders.

scot47 Mar 28th 2013 1:51 pm

Re: British Girl Killed By Dogs
Increasingly common amongst the urban underclass in Ukania. Yuk !

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