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Fred75dxb Aug 19th 2018 6:17 pm

Arrested for drinking and entering wrong house
So after more than 15 years in Dubai I have ended up in trouble.

Short story:

I went out drinking in a bar at a hotel. At around 00.30 I got in to a taxi and left. I felt asleep in the taxi and in my intoxicated and confused state ended up entering somebody else's house. No idea why and can't remember much either, I never had this type of blackout before and although I of course was a bit drunk when I left the bar I did not consume an outrageous amount.

The next thing I know I am taken to Al Barsha police station where they book me and let me sleep. In the morning they move me to a larger holding cell. I call an Emirati friend who is ex-police, he is allowed to see me briefly and he advises me to get somebody to drop of my passport which is done. The evening the same day I am called out and taken upstairs to an officer. I am asked if the story is correct and I say that I have no reason to disagree and that I have no explanation to why I entered the wrong house. I am then allowed to gather my things and allowed to go home.

The officers could or did not want to tell me what will happen next although it says on my Passport Receipt that there is a case for Drinking and one for Trespassing. I understand that I will be called by an Public Prosecutor.

As you can imagine I am now terrified on what will happen next. I have a good job which I definitely does not want to loose and kids in school etc.

I would be very grateful for any advise.

caretaker Aug 19th 2018 6:48 pm

Re: Arrested for drinking and entering wrong house
Welcome to the forum. Could someone have spiked one of your drinks?

TheShed Aug 20th 2018 3:39 am

Re: Arrested for drinking and entering wrong house
As is normal in this part of the world, it’s very hard to get information on what’s going on with your case but I’d strongly suggest that you try and get ahead of any actions as quickly as possible. Maybe your ex-cop friend can find out what’s planned? I have heard of cases where nobody was hurt that the police arranged for the accused to make a very deep apology to the affected as they do have the power to drop the case against you.

If it were me, I’d be calling every influential friend I had and take some proper legal advice as well.

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