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Pistolpete2 Nov 25th 2015 6:35 am

Rehabilitation of the John Compton Dam
After several years of discussion, there has been a public announcement of the commencement of the rehabilitation of the John Compton Dam.

It seems that there were some public consultations run by WASCO in 2014 and early this year in the communities below the dam, namely Vanard, Millet etc. but there is no clear indication as to where the silt and fallen lumber etc. that is clogging the reservoir is going to end up being dumped, which is a fairly big deal as the project will last for years and we are talking an awful lot of guck and the surrounding area is supposed to be important agricultural.

Does anybody have first-hand reliable knowledge as to where this is going? I was told a couple of years back of one earmarked spot but rumours are rumours.

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