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ChristianSLU May 9th 2016 10:24 pm

Buying new furniture... but where?

As I'm new allow me to introduce myself very shortly... We (my wife + me) just moved to St. Lucia. We are buying a house in Castries and will spend most of the year here. We will hopefully move in in August...

Our house has zero forniture (just an elderly kitchen witch might be enough for the beginning). We just looked around at Courts... unfortunately tiny choice... :blink:

Could you please tell me where you do buy your furniture? Did somebody of you order everything from Miami (having shipped everything to SLU).

We need quite a few things.... so a good choice, service, price and reliable shipping would be great :sarcasm:

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

uk_grenada May 18th 2016 6:43 am

Re: Buying new furniture... but where?
Most furniture made outside the tropics is insect food in the tropics...

Theres a whole forum for people in indonesia/malaysia who like ikea furniture - and which items might last there. I have seen soft furnishings rot/get mould and chipboard/particle board break down quickly.

The options are to buy furniture made locally from tropical hardwoods or buy from other places in the tropics [eg indonesia and thailand has a global business selling their hardwood furniture to the uk/us, but gets expensive if it comes to those places] or buy antique hardwood furniture.

In the uk all 3 above are an option, but you havent said where you are. We actually always buy locally in gda, where good local furniture is very reasonable, sort of the same price s ikea, but hand made hardwoods. They will also do decent copies of ikea designs, in your sizes...

Sarah1234 May 26th 2016 8:48 pm

Re: Buying new furniture... but where?
There are some nice pieces dotted around Massade industrial estate in Gros Islet there are a few outlets there.

ededed May 29th 2016 7:04 am

Re: Buying new furniture... but where?
Shipping from Miami is expensive as you get whacked on duty too. We took ours in a container as personal effects and it was duty free, so maybe import your own stuff if it's in storage. If not, there are some shops selling ex-hotel furniture at very reasonable prices and it's all in good condition. That might be worth a shot?

minigriff10 Jun 28th 2016 8:55 pm

Re: Buying new furniture... but where?
Casa Lucia in the Baywalk mall does a good range of crockery, glasswares and items to stock out a kitchen.
For cheap and cheerful S&S in Bois D'Orange also do a good range of trays, tupperware etc if you aren't wanting to break the bank or not bringing these things back with you.

In & Out in Massade has a wide range of furniture and furnishings which are reasonably priced and good quality
G&G are an interior design company who also offer a bespoke sofa service but also do reupholstering and offer design services for curtains etc.

Innovations who are just north of gros islet also have a wide range of home furnishings and also provide Kitchen design services

From experience the best furniture that lasts the longest is made locally by carpenters based on designs you can provide to them. They are able to source a variety of woods including white cedar, mahogany, greenheart etc and these are very resilient against some of the natural pests e.g. termites.

Imported furniture has a high tax premium due to the view that things can and should be made on island to keep money in the economy here.

Hope this is helpful

grandmalee Sep 11th 2016 6:03 pm

Re: Buying new furniture... but where?
My husband and I are selling some furniture and household goods. We are located in Soufriere if you'd like to respond to this thread and we can try to contact each other...

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