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Lovermoon May 19th 2016 1:47 pm

Advice please - Brit move to St Lucia to marry a local
I am one year into a long distance relationship with a St Lucian & our plan is to get married in a couple of years (in St Lucia). I have no dependents & he is a single parent so logically I would move to St Lucia. My worry is work. I know that once we are married I can apply for citizenship but this may take some time & I believe you have to stay resident in the country whilst this is approved. It seems impossible to get a work visa to cover this period. The SLU gov website doesn't really have a lot of information so I was wondering if anyone else had been in this situation & whether there is local knowledge that could better advise me.

uk_grenada May 19th 2016 2:21 pm

Re: Advice please - Brit move to St Lucia to marry a local
Each island is different, sorry i cant help with st lucia specifically. Here in the grenadines its very quick/easy to get a spouses citizenship.

Generically however, i have seen a number of long distance caribben / english relationships close up. I strongly advise you to live with him for a decent period, at lest a year? before you contemplate marriage, while you wont be able to work you should be ok to stay there for an extended period by extending visitors visas.

It sounds painful, but honestly, i know of 2 big failures in your circumstance, where the guy just changed after longer exposure to the girl, one just wanted a british passport, the orher just someone to finance his other girlfriends. Please be careful, in both cases the divorces took years, and the guys took or costed a lot of money.

Incidentally, if you are married, a move to your country may be easier. I do know of a grenadian girl married to a somewhat older british guy, both now living in the uk happily.

Lovermoon May 19th 2016 2:39 pm

Re: Advice please - Brit move to St Lucia to marry a local
Thanks for your reply uk_grenada.

I appreciate your worries (I'm quite level-headed so I also considered them in the early part of our relationship!). He's not after my money (haven't got any) & although will visit me, is not interested in living here unless I can't get accepted there (on the proviso we would return to St Lucia eventually). He has a very strong family bond & a young child - it's definitely easier for me to up-root (& the weather is also a bonus). If I could work over there I would definitely be making the move sooner but it seems impossible for a non-Lucian to get a work visa - my savings just don't stretch that far to be able to live there without working. If you happen to know anyone that has a job opening that I happen to be the only person on the planet that is suitable please let me know (& I'll even invite you to the wedding!):D:D:D

Sarah1234 May 26th 2016 8:44 pm

Re: Advice please - Brit move to St Lucia to marry a local
I am British and married to a St Lucian, once you are married it take one month to get citizenship ( if you are a woman) 1 year if you are a man. It costs ec$3500. You get a certificate of citizenship which you then use to get an id card, NIS number, passport etc. It is easy to get a work permit IF you have a skill and you are deemed better at your job than a St Lucian ( they, of course are given priority as there is high unemployment here) most good jobs require a degree. Cost of living is high here so be prepared to lower your expectations and to 'live like a local". I appreciate that you say he is not after what you can give, my husband is the same however he still expects me to provide. i would also advise you to wait before marrying, I really would.

Hope this info helps.


minigriff10 Jun 28th 2016 9:16 pm

Re: Advice please - Brit move to St Lucia to marry a local
I am a Brit (critical to this thread not married) to a dual national British/Lucian partner and have two children one of whom was born here. I have spent 2 years in the system now trying to get residency (not even citizenship) and have up to this point not been successful in spite of providing all the paperwork and not asking for anything except the right to reside here. I am still tax domiciled in the UK as have not been able to work here and have now been advised that in the periods where I did leave the country to work this has jeopardised the process. However as I needed to work to earn money you get in a catch 22 where you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. I would heavily caution you against marrying and suggest a trial period of living with your partner here - you need to know if you really love it here aside of whether you love him - there are limitations. I am not writing this to put you off but to advise it can take a long time and you may still not get the outcome you want. Subject to the skills you are bringing it may be easier to join a company based here and get them to sponsor a work permit - this way you are automatically made resident. Hope this helps and if you have other questions please don't hesitate to ask. I've literally been to every department etc and am still going through the process now.

pgtips Nov 4th 2016 5:14 am

Re: Advice please - Brit move to St Lucia to marry a local
Some good advice given here. Take heed but I hope it worked out.

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