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aries Jul 6th 2018 11:15 pm

No one is happy where they live?
Scrolling different newspapers, I came across this article.

Do you think it helps to explain the ping pong Poms?

scot47 Jul 8th 2018 1:19 pm

Re: No one is happy where they live?
The Founding Fathers of the American Republic knew what they were doing when they talked about "the pursuit of hapiness", Emphasis should be on the PURSUIT !

Gordon Barlow Aug 20th 2018 3:19 am

Re: No one is happy where they live?
On balance, surely most people are happier where they live than they would be elsewhere. Otherwise, surely they'd be elsewhere - unless they're damn fools. That's logical. Think about it!

My wife and I have lived in our Caribbean island for forty years. I had a hard time of it for many years after I'd opened up the first Chamber of Commerce office and gotten on the wrong side of all the politicians, who tried to throw me off the Island. Half the population wanted me to go, half wanted me to stay. I was kept here only by the intervention of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, bless its imperialistic heart. But all through the battle, despite all the blood on the carpet (mostly mine), I/we chose to stay here rather than to give up and go somewhere else - because the positives always outweighed the negatives. We were happier here - overall - than we would have been elsewhere. At different levels, every expat makes that decision (go or stay), whatever the provocation.

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