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Cantonese is banned in china,is that true?

Cantonese is banned in china,is that true?

Old Aug 1st 2010, 11:08 am
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Default Cantonese is banned in china,is that true?

Guangzhou people gathered to protest and protect Cantonese
is the 14 million residents of Guangzhou, about half of the first language, it may disappear.

A Chinese "culture war" in the southern city's streets started, hundreds of residents held a massive rally is not common, in order to defend their own language.

Guangzhou, the major local TV station will be mainly to China's official language - Mandarin broadcast, the proposal angered the people of Guangzhou, they fear, Cantonese, this disappeared.

Cantonese in other parts of China are being used, including Hong Kong and Macao. According to the official media, "People's Daily" reported that the capital city's 14 million residents of Guangzhou, half of the mother tongue is Cantonese, while the other half mainly speak Mandarin.

Thousands of people gathered in Guangzhou city, shouting slogans, police arrived to disperse the masses in a peaceful manner. 。 One witness said that most people attended more than 20-year-olds, but also some middle-aged.

A local political advisory body - the local CPPCC committee urges the authorities to promote Mandarin, the main program in Guangzhou TV Station to use the national language Putonghua. This proposal has caused controversy. This is said to promote unity in November this year will arrive in Guangzhou Asian Games visitors and athletes help.

Although the Broadcasting Authority that it will continue to broadcast in two languages, Cantonese residents will be squeezed out of fear will eventually be completely abandoned. They said that already have enough Putonghua channel, reducing the use of dialects will also erode the region's cultural heritage.

In the Commission's own website, participate in online survey of 30,000 people, 80% said, should continue to use Guangzhou television station broadcast in Cantonese.

Official newspaper of the English version of "Global Times" described it as a "cultural war." It is reported that Guangzhou TV last year spent 30 million yuan (300 million pounds) of commercial channels from Cantonese to Mandarin, but the result is a decline in ratings.

"Putonghua does not mean to destroy the Guangzhou dialect," the deputy secretary of Guangzhou Su Zhijia, told the "China Daily." "The city government has never give up or weaken the Cantonese program."

He praised the local culture, but said residents should improve the standard of Putonghua in the formal and public occasions, reflecting the Government's policy to promote Mandarin.

In this region, from other parts of China, the influx of workers believe that Mandarin and Cantonese are also important - though Yixieyimin of teenage children, that they have learned Cantonese because they feel It refers to mean much more modern.

Last year, Lu Hanen (transliteration), a local activist, told the "South China Morning Post": "I do not think we can prevent the loss of Cantonese, but I just want to slowly."
Extract part of the live Twitter: (each line is an ID said, ID omitted)
Cantonese movement may be a new starting point, in addition to another place outside of Tibet Xinjiang Cultural Unity to resist authoritarianism, China's future towards federalism.

Guangzhou less than one year after the time surrounding the two huge pro-democracy movement, one Panyu spam incident occurred today in another subway station to defend Jiangnanxi Cantonese activities. The remnants of the ideal young man, this is undoubtedly an incentive: you are not alone, this society is not nothing change.

Support Cantonese, Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese, ... ... against the abolition. Flashing colors beautiful, because it does not separate each color! We need to Multicultural

Sure, Guangzhou - Guangzhou for 28 years how I almost do not speak Cantonese from. However, when reading the students not to be excluded, not being arbitrary when shopping increases, fighting vehicles have not been detours. University specialized repair the Cantonese this course. Guangzhou people like their own language, but willing to accept foreign culture, this tolerant city in the country is rare.

The protagonist is a defense of Cantonese assembly of young people 20-30 years of age, they youth, courage to us on what is civil society a profound lesson.

If the current crown prince is really a smooth succession, then he would have to suppress the Cantonese, who do not want their news every day to be known as the "hybrid" secretary of the bar ... ...

Although not Cantonese, but I support the protection of Cantonese, Cantonese killed because today, tomorrow, day after Mandarin Chinese will be left empty nonsense words stereotyped lies not so

This is the pride of the local government should be a classic case of civic expression is a rational and orderly city development and maturation, from the Cantonese Panyu refuse to defend the official dialogue when considering how to block, rather than guard. Panyu waste events media performed well, once again breaking the ban coverage.Cantonese security, the media can have professional community it? Also consider how skillfully voice it?

Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, then an integral part of the generous! Guangzhou University, Guangzhou sacrosanct generous words of a language! To households in Guangzhou, must recognize the principle of a kind of Cantonese, not to engage in such a generous split Guangdong, Guangzhou, a general bad behavior, then

Cantonese, a small sum up today's event: Cantonese problems, he was immediately enlarged, the official suppression of amplification, the people (70% +30% in real terms of inertia) resistance, eventually becoming increasingly serious problem in Cantonese, Cantonese people will lose more confidence.

Flush cool to sit down and quietly think today's peacekeeping operations Guangdong, Guangzhou, feel to change my school is really thinking and way of thinking an important step, I love this city, although my sense of belonging is not strong enough, but at least I and Guangzhou has formed insist not fate. ~ :-) Final say in Cantonese: training feel, we to bed early ~ :-)

Cantonese is the fuse, if not angered by these comprehensive factors, quiet and low-key members of the public will not easily come out, sometimes not the think, just how intrusive you are, so we have a variety of ways, euphemistically, the curve sound, this is not the fault of the times, but I am pleased to see that generation of people are waking up.

I never advocate for the protection of any language, but should promote communication to language and culture through its own development, they had no word on the absorption, not suitable for communication to convey information on the phase-out. Mandatory to teach Cantonese Ye Hao, Hu Yu worth mentioning, Mandarin English, including Qingdao, Korean, are carved out of a mold, and I all are against. Support for cultural heritage, to resist gross interference.

In the discussion that some people advocate the defense of movement to defend Cantonese Shanghai dialect, Cantonese, from a cultural point of view, no need to defend, it must be able to keep, he is at least a thousand years of history has the Shanghai dialect, although also a civilization, but it certainly will not as good as the vitality of Cantonese, its hundred years of cultural accumulation, however, do not forget that Shanghai is a modern city of immigrants, Shanghai dialect is actually a few places near the short-term collection of words

Mandarin words with Cantonese, Wu, Taiwanese, just like Tibetan, Uygur, Mongolian simply can not exchange the same call, in accordance with international practice, this amounts to two languages, Chinese language has now been reduced to the first class to China dialects, and now need to go further, This is tantamount to the elimination of culture, with the same shameful Cultural Revolution

Burning wax gourd, close skin! Exciting sport today, ah Cantonese
Than the resistance movement against the culture itself may be more important in the long run are more meaningful, or that the opposition culture is one of the most effective resistance movement to defend against the Cantonese would represent the culture.

。 For eight years I have one in Guangdong who does not speak Cantonese, the Cantonese language support is from the rogue government, obviously, is to control through language to control people's thinking, with warm boiled frog's strategy to educate the most from the Cantonese gradually lose their personality, to realize their dream Jiangshan Yong solid Spring and Autumn
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Old Oct 5th 2010, 8:07 am
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Default Re: Cantonese is banned in china,is that true?

i dont think this will happen Cantonese is a language is a cultural
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Default Re: Cantonese is banned in china,is that true?

I think that won't happen. Cantonese is a dialect, there are many dialects in China. It's a culture of Chinese
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