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Left Wing whackos contolling US Congress show their true color

Left Wing whackos contolling US Congress show their true color

Old Feb 10th 2007, 4:59 pm
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Default Re: Left Wing whackos contolling US Congress show their true color

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007 07:29:43 -0000, Desmond "Mad Dog Nazi ********er" Coughlan
<[email protected]> wrote:

>On 2007-01-26, John of Aix <[email protected]> wrote ...
>> PJ O'Donovan wrote:
>>> I have some pictures in my new digital camera, I took of our hound
>>> dog, Rusty, with the two locations in the background to practice with
>>> my new camera.
>>> I don't know if my desk top MAC at the winter house has the software
>>> to transfer the images while my wireless Windows based PC laptop
>>> definitely does.
>> I'm not a Mac-ist but I deal with them occasionally, as far as I know
>> there is no probl�m transferring them, IIRC the camera appears on the
>> desktop when plugged in (if necessary after setting the camera to
>> 'transfer', which some models require (see doc)) just like the Hard Disk
>> and then you just copy the stuff off into a folder of your choice.
>Set your camera to behave like a hard drive. Connect to the USB port.
>Switch camera on.
>Macs rock a fat one.
Planet Visitor II
Official publisher of AADP Official dictionary

>Yitzhak Isaac Goldstein
>AADP's 'left-wing Jewish intellectual'

Yitzhak was a victim of the Holocaust, Nazi Coughlan.
Just because you stole his "yellow star" so you could
whine that you are a victim of the Holocaust, you can't
legally use his name. Tell everyone again how I made
you wear it, when I don't accept that you are Jewish,
much less deserving to wear a "yellow star" from one
of your own victims.

You're not Jewish. See John Rennie spank you about
your claim that you are --

Poor Nazi Coughlan would like to take even the Hebrew language
from the Jews, after supporting taking away their lives in the
fiery crucible of the Holocaust. Hebrew in written in Hebrew. The
word Nazi Coughlan claims is Hebrew is a French word. See --

Poor Nazi Coughlan still can't accept that his claim to being Jewish
is being laughed at by everyone in AADP except the racist "death
to Blacks" and Gr�ber. You really do have a unique following
Nazi Coughlan. Have you been trolling for help in White Power
groups? You remember how I caught you doing that last time.

Imagine... Nazi Coughlan insists that he know more than the
Oxford English Dictionary, as he pronounces in his raving claim
of his infallibility that "if" is not a "conditional clause," when the
Oxford English Dictionary states precisely that it is. See --
Damn... it's just so sweet to have the OED on my side, and
a claim that Nazism is superior from Mad Dog Coughlan.

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